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Green mobility
Sélectionné 2017


BY LABORELEC Belgium, France

The project team

  • Daniel MARENNE
  • Laurent DE VROEY
  • Maarten VAN AERDE
  • Emilly DHONDT

Intelligent solution to charge Eletric Vehicules in a B2B Building, taking into account: the needs of the driver using the smart charger (EV-Box/Powerdale) and the needs of the building manager (synchronization with local renewable production and current building consumption, reduced installation costs, optimized power & peak capacities).

The product was developed Cross-BU in close collaboration between Electrabel M&S, Cofely, Laborelec and ENGIE Real Estate giving a unique EV smart charging solution aiming:

  • 30% cut in the installation cost & flexible infra phasing
  • B2B site electrical peak shaving
  • Maximum benefit from local production (such as PV)
  • Integration in building energy management system
  • Charging priority management (“EV-Tetris”)
  • Phase balancing of the B2B three-phase network
  • Driven via an App developed with ENGIE digital
  • Ready for future grid balancing

Since 2015, SMATCH® has been implemented in Belgium and in FR working with ENGIE Ineo platform, by ENGIE, SWIFT, BMW, and Deloitte. The product is ready for large scale and international implementation.

Each time a customer wanted to implement large scale EV charging (> 10 x 22 kW charging points), SMATCH® appeared to be the correct solution! (100% success rate). From all the charging station delivered in Belgium by ENGIE since 2015, 25% were sold thanks to SMATCH® .

In a large scale EV project the installation cost represent 75% of the investment, SMATCH® optimizing that part represents huge financial gains for the customer, protecting revenues of our core business (Charging stations, installation)

The SMATCH® technology, with proven track record in B2B can now being adapted to other market segments such as B2C (study proved 60% of FR households will face energy outages by using standard charging station). The integration of EV-Box opens huge potential !

SMATCH® at home will optimize energy flows without affecting these household to change their normal way of living (consuming), allowing ENGIE to penetrate this (new) segment of B2C.

Further optimisation of SMATCH® can be realized using new ENGIE technologies such as IoT (SIGFOX), home batteries (storage)… future load “grid” balancing (DSM / trading).

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