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Location : Rimini - Italy

18th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development


  • It is the platform of reference for the Mediterranean basin dedicated to the principal European and international strategies for ecological innovation and the transformation of waste into a resource.
  • It is the ideal forum where exhibitor companies can meet competing enterprises, national and international public/private partners and new target clients from industry, services, construction, public service administrations and utilities.
  • It is the most extensive showcase in the whole of the Mediterranean area where the most efficient technical solutions for the correct management and exploitation of waste in all its forms are on display, as well as those for water-saving measures, for the efficient use of waste and raw or secondary materials, and for energy efficiency.
  • It is the principal B2B and R2B meeting point for operators in the Mediterranean Basin where national and international experts can delve into the technical problems linked to the management of waste in the priority industrial sectors (ground, air), environmental protection and restoration, sustainable transport and the technological priorities of smart cities.
  • It is the highly qualified hub for national and international Training - Information - Refresher Courses - Innovation - Research and Development

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