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Smart buildings 18/12/2017

CES 2018: Living Map's Intuitive digital mapping

Living Map is the London-based specialist of customised digital mapping that won the UK Big Pitch during ENGIE Innovation Week 2016. Dan Madden, their Head of Marketing, brought us up-to date-on developments since then.

Q: Hello Dan. For those who don't know Living Map yet, can you introduce the company in a few words?

Living Map is a digital map and data platform that enables the owners and managers of the world’s most complex sites to transform their users’ experiences, reduce costs and generate revenue. As a technology company we’re focused on creating bespoke map applications that solve critical problems for our partners.

Q: Tell us your story with ENGIE over the last year

We’ve had two main focuses with ENGIE in 2017. One has been our first demonstrator project at the British Library in London, where we’ve created an intuitive digital map of the building’s 14 floors, and integrated with ENGIE’s C3ntinel sensor system to visualise asset status and location in real-time. Our other focus has been on working with internal stakeholders to make that critical step from innovative startup partner to being an established, standard part of ENGIE’s services. 

So over the past year we’ve made significant progress, in terms of both product development and strategic partnership. We now clearly understand how we fit within ENGIE’s technology stack, and how we can complement the systems and processes used to deliver their services to customers. This progress is the result of considerable engagement from ENGIE UK, facilitated by the Innovation Team, to develop the commercial and product fit that opens the door to industrialisation across all sectors.

As a small business it can be challenging to make headway with a much bigger multinational company, but we’ve had significant support in navigating a route to senior decision-makers, and as a result our relationship with ENGIE is now far deeper and more robust that it was a year ago.

Q: What will you be showing at CES?

At CES we’ll be demonstrating our smart building management tool for the British Library. We’ve been working on this project with ENGIE. The goal is to increase both operational efficiency and improve the customer experience in this complex environment, by visualising the location and condition of every asset and providing site staff with mobile navigation to those assets when something goes wrong. This results in a much faster response time, minimised maintenance costs and less disruption to the customer.

Q: What do you expect from your participation at CES 2018 with ENGIE?

We’re looking forward to representing ENGIE’s investment in innovation, and to meeting other startups who are developing interesting solutions to the challenges ENGIE faces in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The event is also an incredible opportunity to showcase our technology on the world’s biggest stage. CES is a fantastic event and whether it’s the startups of Eureka Park or the tech giants of the cavernous Expo halls, the buzz around the event is always amazing.

Q: What is the most significant innovation for you?

The most significant innovation for Living Map would have to be the invention of the now-ubiquitous ‘blue dot’ location marker. Maps can tell us about the world around us, but it’s only when we can find ourselves within that world that we can start to find a way through it.

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