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Carrefour Exhibition on "Innovations and Energy"

Sustainable mobility

On October 21st and 22nd, 2015, Carrefour France, one of ENGIE’s major B2B clients, held its first in-house exhibition on "Innovations and Energy" for decision makers from the brand and technical teams - almost 350 people - from around the world. It was also attended by over 50 eco-enterprises from France and abroad. The goal was to distinguish energy optimization solutions from those that can be implemented in its stores.

For Carrefour, like other players in the retail field, reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing their environmental footprint have become key issues.

ENGIE is an energy supplier, but it is also has an increasingly important role to play – often through its subsidiaries’ innovations — in helping Carrefour imagine and jointly built solutions for the virtuous stores of the future.

ENGIE presented three innovations at its booth:
- Storing cooling energy using ice slurry, presented by Axima Refrigeration;
- Biomethane and biogas fuel loop for Carrefour trucks with GNVert;
- The Vertuoz platform for intelligent building services

In the same vein, ENGIE will host major players from the retail, supermarket and shopping center sectors on November 5, 2015 for a morning meeting on the subject of "Achieving the Energy Transition Together". The meeting, which should bring together 90 participants, will include roundtables and presentations that involve both start-ups and innovative projects. Carrefour will participate in the event, sharing its experience of the partnership between our Groups for biomethane fuel.

Source: Christine Leroy

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