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The ENGIE and Ubiant collaboration wins the IE-Club Observatory awards

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The IE-Club Observatory awards are given out annually to the most innovative partnerships between startups or SMEs and large corporations.

The 12th edition of the awards ceremony took place on Thursday, September 22nd, and included teams of startups/major groups in 4 categories: "Social Media", "Smart Cities", "Digital Transformation" and "Selection Committee Favorites."

The Observatory’s goal is to demonstrate what works, to shine a light on high-performing companies and to share best practices, all of which is meant to strengthen relationships between innovative SMEs and large companies.

After an introduction by Bernard Haurie, president of the IE Club, the leaders of the investment funds of Renault and the Bouygues Group shared their experience on the relationship between large companies, investors and startups.

There were 13 teams on the shortlist of finalists for the Awards, all of which were selected to highlight the ways their respective members succeeded in collaborating on innovative projects.

The winners:

In the "Smart City" category, the ENGIE/Ubiant team won with the Vertuoz platform, which provides digital and IOT services for smart buildings. Ubiant’s expertise on connected devices and artificial intelligence has allowed us to integrate new features into Vertuoz.
(You might remember that the collaboration between ENGIE and Ubiant was started thanks to a call for projects launched by OpenInnov by ENGIE!)

The winner in the "Social Media" category is a group of three: Orange, DotScreen and WildMoka! The group worked together on a project called Clipping TV, a multi-screen experience combining TV and social networks that will be offered in more than 6 million homes prior to being deployed at the European level in 2017.

In the “Digital Transformation” category, BNP and 2Spark were recognized for their internal training platform. Every day, two questions on key moments in the customer relationship and practices to be adopted are processed on the platform. The platform has been widely approved by the 13,000 Group employees and will probably be extended to other uses.

Finally, the Selection Committee Favorite award was given to the BWT Group, Europe's leading water treatment company, and Aquassay, who specialize in water efficiency for industry. Their work together involved integrating Aquassay’s e-mapping technology (real-time transmission and use of “water” data) in industrial plants produced or managed by BWT. Their collaboration could soon develop into a global offering for connected factories.

Congratulations to all the winners and here’s hoping that these excellent examples of collaboration between startups and bigger companies continue to take place.

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