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Autres innovations 14/06/2021

ENGIE Innovation Festival - "REPLAY Jour 4 " - Jeudi 17 Juin

Programme de la quatrième journée de l'ENGIE Innovation Festival 2021

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  • 10:00 – 10:30        Talk :  "Global warming and digital technologies"

    Speaker : Olivier Servoise

    Digital technology accounts for 4% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. We will see what mechanisms contribute to these emissions and how professionals organize themselves to limit these emissions.

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  • 10:30 – 11:30         Talk : "European Industry value chains for Batteries, green hydrogen and Solar PV"

    Through the creation of several alliances that bring together all the players in the ecosystem, EIT InnoEnergy intends to foster the development of strategic value chains in Europe, and create the necessary conditions to support big industrial projects, ultimately leading to our common goal of a carbon neutral Europe by 2050.Karine Vernier will give an overview of the three value chains managed by InnoEnergy (European Battery Academy, European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center, European Solar Initiative) and will present firsts successes.

    Speakers :
     Karine Vernier

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  • 11:00 - 11:30            Talk :  "ENGIE Sustainability Academy: take the stage !"

    You want to learn and experiment, share your knowledge & know-how, act together and feed the transition journey? Discover the sustainability academy. It aims at developing and empowering people to understand and drive business transformation by embedding the sustainability shift.

    Speakers : Clothilde Poplineau, Maria Gainar
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  • 11:30 - 12:30     Round Table :  "Wefound, the startup studio of the France BtoC BU".

    Origins, operation and inventory of the studio. Articulation with the rest of the organization of the BU.

Speakers : Gilles Debuchy,  Jean Bertrand-Hardy, Erell Tassin

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  • 01:30 – 02:00 PM     Talk : 'Democratization of the demand response: bring the energy markets in the homes

    What are the upcoming developments in 'demand response' activities? What is the positioning and added value of the ENGIE Global Energy Management trading platform in this context? Presentation of some references of pilot projects in the field.

    Speakers : Jérôme Glass, Guillaume Lehec

  • 02:00 - 04:00 PM     Round table : "ENGIE, a global approach to the decarbonisation of territories: concrete cases and testimonies"

    Making the transition to carbon neutrality for local authorities possible is one of ENGIE's objectives, recently reaffirmed in its strategy. ENGIE has real skills and long-standing experience to do this. How to pool these skills in the service of greener and more resilient territories? This is what you will discover during this round table through 3 projects:
    - Hive: a multidisciplinary and international grouping, a maste+F:Fr planning which allows the heating network of the City of Helsinki to reach carbon neutrality by 2035.
    - Water desalination
    - Ile de France service platform: As part of the Smart Region program, development in public-private co-construction of digital services of regional interest for communities, economic players and Ile-de-France residents

    Latifa Lahsine from ENGIE MESCATA, Romain Donat from ENGIE GBU Energy Solutions, Philippe Aubry from Storengy and Christophe Papin from Siradel will testify and share around the possible synergies between their projects.

    Speakers : Christophe Papin , Latifa Lahsine, Romain Donat, Christophe Devoille

  • 04:00 - 04:30     Talk : "Let's cocreate a sustainable world with our clients"

    Speakers : 
    Alice Richard, Razvan Dordea

    Discover the first worldwide innovation challenge where both employees and clients collaborate to build concrete decarbonization solutions that meet both clients' and ENGIE's business needs.

  • 04:30 - 05:00     Talk : "Women in our neighbourhood Project"

    Empowerment and resilience of women to strengthen the support network through local actions with a strong impact on the income generation of each ENGIE location in Brazil

    According to the report "Women at the heart of the fight against the COVID-19 crisis" Panorama Brasil, released on March 2020 by UN Women, women will be the most impacted by COVID-19, needing public and private support. ENGIE is committed to encouraging the promotion of gender equality and this project aims: Strengthening ENGIE’s position in favor of diversity, attracting and retaining women for job vacancies diversity, reinforcing Fifty-Fifty ENGIE Group project, reinforcing of image with employees and family, pride and belonging, ENGIE & Me, through a network of social initiatives to boost income generation actions leaded by women in more than 100 municipalities, 14 states in Brazil, promoting entrepreneurship, free online training courses, information on support networks, awareness actions to combat domestic violence and support gestational health, detailed on the website www.mulheresdonossobairro.com.br.

    Speakers : Luciane Pedro

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