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Efficient Solutions by ENGIE : 'Multidrains geothermal wells'
Other innovations 10/11/2021

Efficient Solutions by ENGIE : "Multidrains geothermal wells"

During COP26 in Glasgow the Solar Impulse Foundation  proposes 1000+ solutions to help  political and decision makers meet more ambitious climate targets without compromising economic growth. ENGIE’s Zero-Carbon solutions are among the innovative solutions proposed.

Developped by ENGIE Solutions, the "Multidrain Drilling" technology is an innovative design for the development of deep geothermal energy

By 2030, ENGIE is targeting 10 new geothermal district heating networks in France, using this innovative multidrains technology, which means around 6.4 million tons of CO2 saved over time.

Nicolas Monneyron, Geothermal Director at ENGIE Solutions,

Some of the Solutions developed by ENGIE’s innovators and referenced as “Efficient solutions” by the Solar Impulse Foundation since 2018 are available in the Solar Impulse Solutions Explorer, a one-of-a-kind search engine that  showcases 1,000+ clean and profitable Solutions that have been recognized by independent experts for their environmental and economic performance.

Discover the "Multi-Drain geothermal well" for decarbonising district heating networks. 

Heating in buildings is at the core of energy consumption. Thus decarbonise energy sources is crucial to reduce associated emissions. Geothermal district heating is defined as the use of geothermal sources to supply heat to a group of buildings through a distribution network. The main benefits of geothermal sources are provision of local, and flexible renewable energy. Even though there are plenty of geothermal sedimentary reservoirs to use, there is sometimes heterogeneities of geological properties that limited productivity. The goal is then to optimise the draining area and thus to increase the overall energy extracted from the ground. This multidrains technology steps up the efficiency of a geothermal solution.

The multidrains technology has been designed for a new geothermal district heating network in Velizy-Villacoublay, a Paris Basin’s municipality eager to cover more than 60% of the heat demand with geothermal energy. This means satisfying the heating needs of 12,000 houses and saving 22,800 tons of CO2 per year compared to a gas solution.

Find out More :  Multi-Drain geothermal drilling by ENGIE Solutions

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