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Startups and innovative companies, increase your visibility by sharing your innovative solutions with our innovation community and our experts in ENGIE BUs and entities.

Let us know about your ideas and expertise in the fields of renewable energy and storage, biogas, hydrogen, green mobility, smart technologies, digital and data management.

Your solutions will be shared with our network of experts around the world.

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Discover our priorities for Research and Innovation to act for accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

To take up the challenge of the transition to "zero carbon" with all of our stakeholders, we have decided to mobilize on key areas of development: green mobility, smart technologies, digital, data management, renewable energies.

Do these topics inspire you? Let's innovate together!

Green gas

Developing a biomethane and green gas industrial sector in a fully decarbonized energy system by 2050.

#Biogas #Biomass #Methanization #biofuel

New energies

To support the development of renewable energies, let's invent new technologies for decentralized production, distribution, storage and consumption of green energy.

#windpower #solarpower #PV #hydropower #heatrecovery #cooling #LocalEnergyCommunities #geothermal


Making green hydrogen an essential part of the energy mix to store energy, encourage green mobility and decarbonize industrial uses.

#storage #E-fuels

Green Mobility

For sustainable mobility "as a service", let's make the new modes of transport "zero-carbon" and digital.

#EV #Vehicle2Grid

Smart cities

To succeed in the energy transition, let's invent 100% renewable territories and connected cities.

#smartgrids #energyefficiency

Smart Buildings

To improve the energy performance of tomorrow's buildings, let's develop solutions for digitizing and modeling usage data for better management of their resources and lifespan.

#BIM #Smart #Airquality #skycooling

Carbon management

Capturing CO2 to be directly used as raw material in industrial processes (production of polymers, sustainable fuels etc.) or stored in some materials (concrete, mineralization).

#CarbonCaptureUtilization #DirectAirCapture

Digital & Data Management

To accomplish the digital transformation of a new "zero-carbon" world and to develop new integrated services for territories, companies, industries and individuals.

#AI #machinelearning #Iot #DataAnalytics #blockchain #augmentedreality #virtual reality #derms #mixedreality #datavisualiation #industriey4.0

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Thanks to the partnerships we are forging with innovation ecosystems in many countries, come with us to meet the key players in cleantech and digital to activate the right development levers.

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