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Call for innovative solutions/partners for data collection of electricity consumption

by GBU Thermal & Supply - France B2C
Digital & Data

Call for project closed the 02 Apr. 2022

Call for innovative solutions/partners for data collection of electricity consumption
ENGIE France BtoC is looking for fine-grained data of electricity consumption and/or innovative solutions allowing their collection. If you either can provide such data or solutions to collect them, are interested in co-developing with ENGIE or looking for a commercial partnership on data sharing : Be sure to apply to the Elec Data Lab' Challenge before March 31, 2022!

Objective of the call

The Elec Data Lab' Challenge aims to identify one or more data provider or data collection solutions and supply partners to feed the development of new innovative products and services conducted by ENGIE France BtoC. 

Earnings and Benefits for the selected projects

  • Possibility of a commercial contract with ENGIE France B2C to monetize the data collected in compliance with the legislation in force (“GDPR”, the General Data Protection Regulation). 
  • Possibility of open innovation partnership with ENGIE France B2C, to co-develop services and/or product functionalities (applied development, integration of innovative data collection solutions).

Detailed description

The flexibility of electrical demand is key to promote the large-scale development of renewable energies. 

ENGIE France BtoC is a key player in the energy transition and home comfort. They seek to develop 

offers including flexibility In order to complete an already existing offer on heating, which has been marketed since 2021, 

ENGIE France B2C is looking for data sets and/or data collection solutions regarding the consumptions domestic electrical equipment, like

  • electric heating
  • heat pump (air/water) 
  • air conditioning
  • electric tank for hot water
  • thermodynamic water heater
  • charging station for electric vehicles

There are no constraints on the data sought. Are accepted:

  • any available data - real time or delayed 
  • any time
  • any geography (France or other countries)

Eligibility and selection criteria

Companies wishing to apply must provide the following information via the online form (documents may be attached to the form) :

  • company presentation, business model, references
  • data acquisition method and perspectives
  • description of the data and metadata of the dataset (time period, resolution, hole rate, number of households)
  • general terms and conditions of sale or use of the service within which the data was collected (in particular the paragraphs of the consent form describing the purposes of the processing of personal data)

Files will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • abundance of the proposed datasets (number of households, equipment)
  • quality of the data (low ratio of holes)
  • abundance of the metadata (constitution of the household, indications on the characteristics of the equipment, postal code...)
  • quality of the associated “GDPR” (the General Data Protection Regulation) consents and data management processes applied or quality of the proposed anonymization methods
  • price

Selection Committee and partner(s) for the call for project

  • 1 innovation expert 
  • 1 data expert 
  • 1 lawyer specialized in personal data protection


Marianne GallardoManager of ENGIE's Calls for Projects 





  • Watt-IS

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