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Call for Projects to Recycle a Brownfield site, in Besançon (France)

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Call for project closed the 19 May. 2022

Call for Projects to Recycle a Brownfield site, in Besançon (France)
As part of its responsible environmental policy, ENGIE would like to develop one of its brownfield sites, located in the town of Besançon (France, 25). If you are looking for a plot of land for an innovative and environmentally friendly project, apply before May 19, 2022.

What's our objective ?

This call aims to identify partners wishing to develop an innovative and/or ecologically virtuous project, while recycling a brownfield site (25,000m²) belonging to ENGIE, in the town of Besançon (Doubs).

Who can apply ?

This call for projects is addressed to any project leader from : 

  • Local authorities,
  • Companies, 
  • Public institutions of higher education and research, 
  • Associations ...

The projects submitted must be compatible with the characteristics of the land (described below) and can be :

  • alternative uses with conservation/improvement of biodiversity (renaturation, 
  • ecological compensation, 
  • development of new techniques for soil decontamination, nature protection,...
  • facilities benefiting the community (educational courses, leisure activities or outdoor sports, ...)
  • or any other project (life-size research tests, third-party site, above-ground urban agriculture, social and solidarity-based economic activity, etc.) compatible with this space.

The selected project must have the approval of the local authority (municipality, if necessary the agglomeration community).

The land will be made available to the project leader within the framework of an occupation agreement not constituting real rights, the duration of which is to be agreed upon.

Why apply to this call ?

  • To have a bare plot of land at your disposal under advantageous conditions
  • To gain visibility alongside ENGIE on two key themes:
  1. an ecologically responsible approach in order to give back an activity/utility to an industrial wasteland located in a favourable environment
  2. the promotion of an innovative and virtuous project

We tell you more...

The land, with a surface area of 25 978 m² (plot DO 50), is located in Besançon - 14 avenue 7ème armée américaine.

It is located about 1.9 km south of the Besançon City Hall, about 770 m southwest of the Besançon Citadel.

The site is bordered on its northern edge by the Doubs River (a bicycle path runs along the site) and on its southern edge by the Avenue de la 7ème Armée Américaine, which runs along the forest located above it (the Monts des Buis).

The immediate environment is not very urbanized

This undeveloped site is covered in places with an asphalt or concrete pavement (old pavement of historical buildings). On the south-western limit, an ENEDIS transformer station is present on a 22 m² footprint. 

The main information on the urban situation of the site is as follows: 

  • Urban planning: according to the Local Urban Plan (PLU) the site is classified in the UG (general urban) zone, corresponding to sectors hosting structuring public equipment or of collective interest. 
  • Easements: the site is also subject to an AC 2 easement which creates the obligation not to proceed with any work without having notified the Administration four months in advance and consulted the Architect of the Buildings of France before any work project. 
  • PPRI :

        - nearly 1/3 of the surface of the parcel is classified in "red zone" of the PPRI. This part is thus inconstructible. 

        - About 1/3 of the parcel is in "dark blue" zone. This part is unbuildable but authorizes however the limited extension of the existing constructions. 

        - A part of the southern limit of the parcel is in "light blue zone". It allows extension and new constructions with a certain number of prescriptions. 

  • SIS: the site is classified as a Soil Information Sector (SIS). 

In summary: 

Nearly 75% of the parcel is in a non-buildable flood zone.

The remaining 25% is constructible (6,000 m²) but constrained by the PLU to the construction of equipment of collective interest only.

Out of the 6,000 m² that can be built, 2,000 m² are located in a karstic sector, which complicates the technical studies for possible constructions, given the nature of the soil. 

You can download the presentation document of the land which is attached at the bottom of this page.

ENGIE's real estate assets are mainly marked by the industrial history of Gaz de France. Approximately 80% of the real estate assets owned by ENGIE were once used for gas activities.

These activities having ceased in the early 1970s, ENGIE has since gradually undertaken a process of reconverting these real estate assets as part of its responsible environmental policy. 

It is within this framework that the Real Estate and Logistics Shared Service Center (CSP I&L) of ENGIE GBS (Global Business Support: Business Unit in charge of support functions) launched an appeal for the reconversion of a wasteland in the town of Besançon (France, 25).

Contractual Framework and Regulatory Limits

  • The occupation of the land may be from January 2023 onwards 
  • The restrictions and precautions for the use of the soil and subsoil applicable to the site are as follows

        - The prohibition of vegetable gardens and orchards in the open ground or using the land of the site,

        - The prohibition of the use of underground water,

        - The possible implementation of a surface soil covering to be defined according to the activity envisaged

        - The prohibition of soil excavation works.

Site visit

A site visit may be arranged at the request of the candidates before the submission of the proposal.

Eligibility and selection criteria

  • Relevance of the project to the call and to the specificities of the site
  • Environmental ambition of the project
  • Innovative character of the project
  • Anchoring of the project in the local ecosystem and the support of local stakeholders (local authorities, associations, residents, etc.)
  • Coherence of the proposed business model
  • Feasibility/economic viability
  • Maturity of the project and ease of implementation
  • Ethical aspects
  • References of the project leader

The projects will be studied taking into account these main criteria, it being specified that additional criteria may be added. 

Documents to be produced by the candidates

  • Technical documents

¤ Detailed presentation note of the project and the objectives : 

        - Detailed description of the activity and the different uses planned

        - Implementation on the site

        - Environmental ambition

        - Material means to be implemented

        - List of the actors of the project

        - Legal and financial structure of the project

        - Planning of the realization of the project

¤ Terms of occupation of the land desired by the project leader (nature and duration of the lease, sustainable royalty with regard to the investments).

¤ Investment plan with the amounts: of the envisaged works, the expected subsidies, the financing/financiers already obtained,

¤ Macro business plan if economic activity (investments, possible revenues and forecast date of reaching financial balance),

  • Administrative documents (for activity external to the ENGIE group)

¤ SIREN status notice (SIRET, APE, ...)

¤ If necessary, Kbis

¤ Statutes

According to the status of the applicant, other documents may be requested.

Selection committee and partners of the call for projects

  • Responsible for GBS Immo & Legal 
  • STEEN's Lot 5 project team 
  • Designated members of BS I&L - ENGIE GBS and BS Legal in charge of this project :

        - Experts in real estate valuation 

        - Environmental consultant  

        - Legal expert

  • The person in charge of the ENGIE Calls for Projects

Your ENGIE Innovation contact

Marianne Gallardo

Head of Calls for Projects 


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