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Housing & Tertiary actors, boost your offer with our unique solution for contact creation!

by ENGIE France BtoC
Smart buildings
Answer before the 31/05/2022
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ENGIE France B2C and the start-up SPOORS® are looking for partners in the housing and tertiary sector, in order to co-develop new services based on a patented technology of simple and anonymous contact.

Our goal

SPOORS® has developed and patented a technology allowing to make a person reachable by phone from any object or support without revealing their contact information .

SPOORS® transforms any object or support into a communication tool, at a low cost and without additional energy consumption: no battery, no connection.

SPOORS® has already allowed to create disruptive objects on different markets, such as wireless doorbells to be warned of a delivery even when absent, a digitalized key ring allowing to restore 80% of lost keys in less than 5 minutes, the first soft-toy that is always found, etc...

In collective housing, the tertiary sector and local authorities, ENGIE and SPOORS® wish to develop new services in order to simplify and reinforce exchanges within a living or working environment.

This call for projects aims at finding partners to co-develop original and easy-to-deploy applications based on the SPOORS® technology.

Our goal is to quickly set up pilots with our partners.

Whom is this call addressed to?

Any actor in the housing and service sector (companies, local authorities, property managers, developers, residents' groups, associations, etc.) can respond to this call.

Projects with the capacity to be tested quickly via a pilot will be favored.

Why you should apply

The selected use cases and applications will benefit from :

  • support from SPOORS® and ENGIE France B2C for the co-development of innovative products/services, with rapid progress to the experimental pilot and proof of concept level.
  • an increased visibility within ENGIE.

We tell you more...

SPOORS®, currently incubated by the startup-studio "Wefound", a partner of ENGIE, has developed and patented a technology allowing to contact any person, by phone from any object or support, without having their number and without revealing them.

How does it work? SPOORS® is a patented technology, which works by affixing a personalized QR code on an object or a support. The owner of the SPOORS® activates it by scanning it once. Then, the people who scan this QR code will get a welcome message on his smartphone and will be able to contact the owner of the SPOORS®, without revealing the contact details. The contact channel is set up in advance according to the time of day.

SPOORS® is designed to be integrated into any type of object or support to transform it into a communication tool at a low cost and without additional energy consumption: no battery, no connection.

SPOORS® has enabled the rapid creation of disruptive objects in their respective markets:

  • the wireless doorbell that warns you of a delivery even if you are not there, 
  • the connected car sticker to be warned if you are hit in a parking lot,
  • the digitalized key ring, allowing to return 80% of lost keys in less than 5 minutes,
  • the pet tag with a number that can be changed in real time,
  • the first comforter that is always found, developed with a French manufacturer.

In the collective residential, tertiary and community sectors, ENGIE and SPOORS® now wish to develop new services that aim to simplify and reinforce exchanges within a living or working environment.

"More exchanges between users mean more solidarity.

More simplicity and fluidity between users, managers and service providers: it's more efficient and less costly."

As a first instance, and as an example, SPOORS® has recently launched 3 services to facilitate communication in collective housing:

  • The "facility management" pack allowing to simply declare a malfunction or a disaster, directly to the companies in charge of maintenance.
  • The "connected building" pack so that neighbors can warn each other in the event of a problem (leak, break-in, etc.), even if they are absent, while respecting their privacy.
  • The "connected mailboxes" pack, allowing you to avoid missing any delivery without disclosing your telephone number.

 see the video and the website.



Eligibility and selection criteria

Applicants will have to propose concrete applications or use cases that can be translated into services.

Applications will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of the size of the accessible market,
  • Ability to quickly launch a pilot,
  • Acceptability to end-users,
  • Ease of implementation,
  • Respect for customer data and privacy,
  • References.

The selection committee will be composed of :

  • 1 Engie Innovation expert,
  • CEO Wefound.

Your ENGIE Contact

Marianne Gallardo

Manager for "Open Innovation" Calls 


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