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07 May. 2020 / 12:30 am - 1:00 pm

Atlantic council "Online" : EnergySource Innovation Stream: Low carbon gases

[Online event] – Dr. Michael E. Webber, ENGIE’s chief science and technology officer, discusses the new technologies in the energy system.

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EnergySource Innovation Stream: Low carbon gases

Building off the Global Energy Center’s EnergySource blog and soon-to-be-announced EnergySource podcast, Innovation Stream highlights new energy technologies with the potential to reshape the global energy system through discussions with companies and individuals working diligently to bring those innovations to market at scale.

EnergySource Innovation Stream: Low carbon gases

Join the online conversation with Dr. Michael E. Webber, Chief Science and Technology Officer at ENGIE about the new technologies necessary to optimize production and utilization of low carbon gases across the global energy systems. 

Moderated by 
Randolph Bell, Director, Global Energy Center and Richard Morningstar Chair for Global Energy Security Atlantic Council

Low carbon gases, such as biogas, biomethane and renewable hydrogen, could play a significant role in the energy transition. Michael Webber will share how these green gases will transform the energy systems and what must be done to expedite the deployment.  He will explain how green gases can supplement intermittent renewable energy sources and facilitate the energy transition at the regional level by developing local resources and creating local jobs. Michael will discuss how ENGIE is engaged in the biomethane value chain (from project development to end-customer sales) and the company’s investments in renewable hydrogen production by water electrolysis.

Join this conversation via the web application Zoom.

(You must register to receive further information on how to join the virtual audience). 

Or follow the discussi on YOUTUBE LIVE from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. EDT. (18:30 Paris Time)

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