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22 Oct. 2019

Biomim Expo 4 : when nature inspires innovation

An event to (re) discover biomimicry for scientists, industrialists, decision makers and public and private managers for whom environmental issues impact daily and strategic choices and / or simply in search of inspiration and innovation. Indeed, beyond the scientific aspects, biomimicry also offers another way of thinking innovation, cooperation and management.

Biomimicry is a subject that will become more and more important in the energy business. It is no longer just a CSR dynamic, biomimicry is also becoming a field dynamic, "Marianne Gallardo - Project Leader Entrepreneur ENGIE Fab and ENGIE Lab Crigen

Some examples of achievements

The climate change and the scarcity of natural resources invites us every day to rethink our relationship with nature. Biomimicry is a resource we are investing very seriously in responding to this environmental emergency and meeting the needs of our businesses.

Bioscyance: Biopolymer Use Project in Industrial and Urban Water Treatment

Elengy, a subsidiary of ENGIE and the ENGIE Lab Crigen research center, have developed an unprecedented and eco-friendly "biotech" solution. The solution lies in the use of the biopolymer to limit the development of any living organism on the surfaces of installations immersed in water (eg concrete, resin, stainless steel, etc.). This biomolecule is harmless for nature and fully biodegradable: 70% of biopolymers are degraded in a fortnight.

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Ecotone: biomimicry in urban architecture

Ecotone is a 82,000 m² real estate project developed on the Arcueil site. Winner of the "Let's invent Greater Paris Metropolis" contest, Ecotone places biomimicry at the heart of the architectural structure of the building, creating a living epidermis. The walls function as a double skin: they make it possible to adapt to changes in temperature and to optimize the energy consumption of the building. The Phalsbourg Company, project leader and ENGIE Lab Crigen, are putting Ecotone into a low-carbon approach, notably by facilitating the recovery of hot wastewater, the installation of solar panels and the installation of urban wind turbines.

Wind turbines: acoustic innovation and biomimicry by ENGIE Green 

Vigilent on the real impacts after construction of the wind farms and on the feelings of the residents during the exploitation, ENGIE Green has developed an acoustic innovation inspired by nature and which consists in equipping the blades of the wind turbines with "serrations" which imitate the wings of an owl. This nocturnal raptor, who hunts for hearing, seeks indeed to have a silent flight. This technology has allowed a very clear reduction of noise without affecting the production of the park.