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14 Jun. - 17 Jun. 2023



Viva Technology is Europe's biggest startup and tech event. The 7th edition will take place on June 14-17, 2023, in Paris.

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Vivatechnology : Europe’s biggest startup and tech event

ENGIE, leader in energy transition, places collective intelligence as a driving force to innovate together for a sustainable world. VivaTech is an opportunity to showcase innovation. During 5 days, startups, SMEs, incubators, employees of ENGIE and its subsidiaries, will share their solutions that meet the challenges of the energy transition.

On the ENGIE stand, meet the startups and innovative projects developed by ENGIE

Samp : the startup simplifies worksites and industrial maintenance thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) which makes it possible to link obsolete technical diagrams to a 3D capture of installations. Teams benefit from up-to-date equipment data on a web portal. #DigitalTwins

SupAirVision  : the startup develops tools and services to give its customers, including ENGIE, an accurate one-click view of the condition of their wind turbine blades. Its drone inspection techniques improve the estimates for required maintenance work. 

iNex Circular : turning waste into another's resources. By inventing digital solutions for the circular economy, this start-up is taking concrete action in favour of the environment.

The Drone and Robot Lab's - Lab CRIGEN : presents intelligent robotic solutions that use mobile platforms (robots, drones) to carry out inspections or take measurements autonomously.

CarbonClear : Carbon credits certification and emission with issuance of traceable and verifiable in an inclusive global value chain. A technology infrastructure designed to finance solutions to combat global warming and its impacts on a large scale.

SIRADEL : 3D visualisation and simulation. Digital solutions based on GIS and digital twins to visualise and simulate future transformation projects that accelerate the transition to a more connected, carbon neutral and resilient world.

CDG x ENGIE : As part of their partnership, the ENGIE Group and ComfortdelGro, manager of the Singapore taxi, bus and metro network, are deploying electric mobility by installing and operating (Build-Own & Operate) a fleet of 4,509 electric vehicle chargers.

Smatch : Intelligent charging of electric vehicles. The solution developed by ENGIE Solutions takes into account the characteristics of the site where the charging platform is located: building consumption, renewable energy production and driver needs.

Ineratec : The mission of the startup supported by ENGIE New Ventures is to increase the availability of sustainable e-fuels and chemicals made from green hydrogen and CO2 in order to defossilise the transport, mobility and chemical industries.  #Power-to-X

BillionBricks : Energy-efficient, carbon-negative solar homes. BillionBricks is a Climate-tech venture creating the world’s first carbon negative solar home community in housing designed for energy sufficiency and extreme affordability. 

Ndustrial :  a holistic approach to energy management, tailor-made for industrial operations. Learn how facilities are using a production-first approach to find – and automate – major new energy savings and authentic emissions reductions.

MX3D.  3D printing of large metal parts for industry. This Dutch company  has brought Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) and its market to life, and now growing it in various industries.

TreaTech. This swiss startup develops a catalytic hydrothermal gasification technology which treats liquid & solid waste in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner  to generate sustainable Biogas. 

Flexisun : a new B2B offer from ENGIE that combines on-site photovoltaic solar energy and battery storage by integrating an energy management system. This solution maximises self-consumption, while making the most of storage on the market, to optimise energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions.

Local Decarbonization Solutions diorama.  Interactive model of decarbonization solutions proposed by ENGIE to the territories to help cities, industries and tertiary companies to consume less carbonated energy, using local, renewable and low carbon resources

Green Phoenix. Creating a decarbonised circular economy in the heart of metropolises where bio-waste becomes a renewable energy. The Atlace cargo bike can carry 400kg of payload and offer decarbonised and optimised bio-waste collection services. 

Ma Conso + with Netatmo. Based on advanced algorithmic intelligence, a solution for monitoring and controlling electricity consumption in real time, in partnership with Netatmo, France's leading smart home manufacturer