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27 Feb. 2020 / 13:00 - 20:20

Global Innovation & Enterprise 2020 - Cleantech


Since 2015, Global Innovation & Enterprise has been highlighting companies that want to become a "Global Leader" in their country.

As part of the 2020 edition of Global Innovation & Enterprise, the IE-Club has launched a call for applications for start-ups from the digital and innovative economy.

And the winners are ...

  • The startup Greenspector which offers a solution to improve the design and performance of applications, in particular on smart phones.

  • The Startup Ellis-car which offers an application for vehicle fleets: "We will not change your life. We are going to save it. Ellis-Car coaches in real time each driver. For a better and safer driving. Your smartphone is the key of your safety and savings. "

This call for applications concerns three areas:

  • Innovative technologies & Enablers: IOT technologies, software, hardware, home automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, medtech and in general "services / technologies enablers".

  • Web Applications & Services: innovative e-commerce companies, e-media, e-intermediation and any service company using the Internet as a privileged channel
  • Climate / Cleantech: innovative companies in the renewable energy sector, water and air valorization, IT at the service of energy, energy efficiency, smart city, solidarity economy and new modes of transport.

60 selected applications were auditioned before a jury in Paris, in which ENGIE Innovation took part, and will compete for the trophies to be awarded to the 6 winners, which will be announced on Thursday 27 February 2020.

You can discover the candidates of the "Innovative Technologies & Enablers" category and vote for your favorite startup.

[VIDEO] Découvrir l'Innovation& Entreprise Club

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