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IERE General Meeting and Singapore Forum : Accelerating the Carbon-Neutral Energy Transition
21 Nov. - 24 Nov. 2023

IERE General Meeting and Singapore Forum : Accelerating the Carbon-Neutral Energy Transition

[SAVE THE DATE] : participate to the 23rd IERE General Meeting and Singapore Forum with ENGIE R&I about : "Carbon-Neutral Energy Transition"

Accelerating the Carbon-Neutral Energy Transition
for Industry and Territories 

In-Person Event - Marina Bay, Singapore

Energy enables a high quality of life and if properly done, makes humans healthy, wealthy and free. In fact, it enables our access to clean water, healthy food and transport as well.

Today, the global energy sector is strongly relying on fossil-based energy. But energy transition is a pathway toward transformation to net zero-carbon emissions by the second half of this century.t its heart is the need to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions to limit climate change. Renewable energy and energy efficiency measures can potentially achieve 90% of the required carbon reductions (IRENA, 2020). However not only do these renewable solutions have to answer 3 effectiveness requirements: economical, social and environmental; there is also a discrepancy between where people live and where cheap abundant renewable energy is available. In addition, the intermittency of renewableshas to be taken into account.

It is therefore without a doubt that when switching to a net zero-carbon emission world, enormous amounts of renewable energy will need to be transported. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) electricity transmission lines will be a part of the solution but as distance increases, other transport modes will come in play. Converting the electricity into an energy carrier such as hydrogen, ammonia or synthetic hydrocarbons will be required. 

As for the intermittency, the development of information and data management technologies should ensure that the ensemble operates in a stable and reliable manner. Demand side management systems must ensure that the supply and demand of energy match and storage solutions will play in crucial role in this.

Who should attend?

The Forum is intended for experts involved in the selected themes, from IERE members and non-members, as well as all those interested in the evolution of the energy transition and the technology development and business development opportunities associated to this evolution.
ENGIE and  IERE will invite prominent speakers for keynote speeches.

Informations and prelimimary program > here <

Registration > more informations to come

About IERE

IERE is an organization for exchanging electricity and energy related cutting-edge technologies and R&D information among its members from the electricity & energy supply industry, equipment provider businesses, academic research, government, etc. This unique platform is of great help for executives, senior managers, engineers, and researchers who are responsible for R&D and solutions. It is a worldwide, non-profit organization,  established as “International Electric Research Exchange” in 1968. www.IERE.jp

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