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22 May. 2018

Kick off "ENGIE Innovation Week 2018"

Paris - La Défense

Launching of the "Innovation Week ENGIE" by Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE CEO, on the "Innovatives solutions Market place" in ENGIE's Tower at Paris La Défense. An event dedicated to ENGIE's employees.

[VIDEO] Follow the ENGIE Innovation Week Kick Off LIVE on the 22th of may from 11:20 to 12:00 AM

The ENGIE Innovation Week presents more than 100 events worldwide. This fourth edition is anchored in the tradition of innovation that has always been a part of the Group.

A marketplace presenting 12 innovative internal projects is organized in the ENGIE tower hall in Paris – La Défense between 11:30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

In Night - In Car Services : a solution for the night delivery of spare parts, tools and materials, to optimize the availability of technicians presented by ENGIE GBS.

Charge & GO : a smart charging solution for electric bus fleet proposed by ENGIE Ineo.

Digiplace: an innersource platform to reduce the time to market proposed by ENGIE GBS.

PARHyS: inexpensive, easy-to-deploy, small, rugged and remote nano-sensors for capturing long-term hydrogen flows from ENGIE Lab CRIGEN.

Energie Futée: a digital platform that supports private customers who are still heating up with heating oil or propane and who want to move towards more economical, cleaner and more comfortable heating solutions. The solution is presented by the Energie Futée startup from the internal incubator.

Bats and wind turbines : solutions to increase wind energy production and protect chiroptera with video detection by ENGIE Green. Tools for autonomous and optimized electricity solutions thanks to artificial intelligence. 

L’ILOT FRAIS : an ephemeral cooling system in urban areas to protect urban populations from overheating by ENGIE Fra, nce Networks / Climespace.

METHYCENTRE: the first demonstrator of Power to gas coupled with an anaerobic digestion unit that combines biogas and green H2 to boost renewable energies. A solution developed by STORENGY.

ENIGMa: is the first Innovathon organized by the GEM BU, bringing together freelancers and 7 B2B customers to generate ideas and co-innovate to increase the customer experience.

FLEXIGAZELEC: Enable energy self-consumption thanks to the Blockchain presented by ENGIE Cofely.

Engie Drones & Robots Lab: Integrate innovative technologies to serve the Group's operational excellence and new business.

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