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28 Jan. - 30 Jan. 2019

Cleantech Forum San Francisco

ENGIE New Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital for Innovation of ENGIE Group is sponsor of the Cleantech Forum San Francisco on January 28-30, 2019. This 17th edition, the event will explore the idea of Diversity of Thought : Harnessing the Power of Difference. The 10th Global Cleantech 100 list will also be unveiled live during the Forum.

Cleantech Forum 2019 

ENGIE New Ventures joins this annual gathering of the global cleantech innovation community !

“Charting the Future, Connecting the Globe” remains core to the value proposition of Cleantech Forums, helping entrepreneurs to discover and connect with the emerging trends, leading innovation companies, and key players of sustainable innovation. 

Since 2002, Cleantech Group has brought together leading corporate executives, startup and scale-up company CEOs, investors, government agencies, and other key innovation thinkers, supporters and enablers from all areas of resource innovation, all major industrial verticals, and from across the globe.  

Next generation innovation companies, financial investors and fund managers, and corporations will try to reinvent themselves will benefit from finding ways now (and year on year) to harness the power of diversity into their thinking.


The Global Cleantech 100 list will also be unveiled live during the Forum.

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