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22 Oct. - 23 Oct. 2020

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris


The essential event to take stock of the major emerging trends and the most promising projects of the Deep Tech

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Hello Tomorrow Global 2020 Summit

Unlike existing digital platforms and apps, future “deep” technologies will advance the technological frontier. Deep-tech innovations are disruptive solutions built around unique, protected or hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances.

Deep tech innovations lie at the crossroads of massive shifts in demand led by megatrends (such as global climate change, demographic shifts, resource scarcity, and an aging population) and scientific progress (such as the discovery of the CRISPR-Cas microbial adaptive immune system) and are impacting all industries.

On the occasion of the annual Hello Tomorrow conference in Paris, the best startups, investors and key players in the scientific and technological ecosystem come together to exchange and compare their visions of innovations, to question their impact, but also ethical considerations , regulations and policies surrounding them.

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