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Other innovations 14/12/2018

CES 2019 : ENGIE Insight, driving sustainable resource management initiatives forward

Through data, ENGIE Insight supports enterprise companies, including more than 25% of the Fortune 500, manage their energy, water and waste programs and helps them achieve long term sustainability goals. Insight is a part of the ENGIE Family and will be at CES 2019 at the ENGIE & Partners booth.Mathias Lelièvre, President and CEO, tells us more.

ENGIE Insight (formerly Ecova) works with multi-site businesses that aim to thrive in a sustainable world. With accurate and comprehensive resource data – including energy, water and waste– ENGIE Insight applies technology and people expertise to lower costs, drive efficiencies and reduce environmental impact. ENGIE Insight supports over 25% of the Fortune 500 to drive their sustainable resource management initiatives forward. 

Q. What does the CES mean for you?

A. CES provides a great visual opportunity for ENGIE Insight to share the overall ENGIE Group innovation story both internally to our employees and externally to our clients. We are also excited about the exposure to bleeding edge innovation and insights into future market trends that we can learn from. 

Q. What would you say about Innovation at ENGIE?

A. Innovation is a key pillar for ENGIE globally, and the unique differentiator which separates ENGIE from other energy providers and competitors. We at ENGIE not only have a pulse on the energy and suitability market but are driving it forward through strategic investments into our R&D, start-up and incubators we fund, and overall the innovation culture we are actively cultivating across the world. Simply put, we won’t make the type of impactful changes we need in order to reverse global warming without innovation.

Q. What would be the magic meeting for you at CES?

A. There are too many networking opportunities to choose from! For ENGIE Insight, we are most excited to learn more about the partners and collaborators from the ENGIE Group who will be attending. We are eager to learn more about the emerging technologies and solutions ENGIE is supporting to understand where there are opportunities for us to bring more solutions and insights to our clients. 

Q. How do you imagine energy management in 2030?

A.  For international, multi-site businesses, energy and sustainability management will look very different in 2030. We have already seen a great shift from organizations viewing energy programs as simply “LED upgrades for some cost savings” to game changing business imperatives. This trend does not seem to be slowing down, but instead becoming a top strategic pillar of the brand.

We view businesses generating their own energy through clean energy sources like solar and wind, turning their waste into a commodity and leveraging their sustainability programs as top employee benefits and consumer drivers. We also see technology playing a massive role, and businesses leveraging new opportunities like electric mobility to achieve their sustainability goals. It will be integral to their brand resilience and between now and 2030, a top operational focus to drive long term savings. 

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