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ENGIE R&I Incubation

Integrating innovations into the Group's strategic activities and incubating new projects by adopting a customer centric approach.

Our missions

To keep ENGIE at the forefront of the energy transition, the R&I Incubators:

  • Design new differentiating business and service offers to foster business growth and strengthen ENGIE’s position
  • Build highly scalable and valuable business, offers, solutions with limited risk exposure
  • Help GBUs achieve their objectives faster with new businesses and impactful new value propositions that fit within their organizations

Acceleration Studio (Europe – Paris) : new offers to be deployed at scale

Launch new offerings for the GBUs by creating growth drivers at the core of the business. 

The objective is to accelerate the go-to-market of innovative technologies/solutions by creating growth drivers at the core of the business. The Acceleration Studio designs, prototypes and tests new service offerings, ensuring customer centricity and commercial impact for ENGIE.

Startup Studio “Factory Asia Pacific” in Singapore : from ideas to business.

The aim is to create and grow startups that serve new market segments, open up new business opportunities, or test new innovative business models, while limiting risk exposure for ENGIE:

  • All our startups provide a differentiated value proposition to specific customer segments > Discover our Startups Portfolio
  • Together with our startups, we set bold targets to contribute to a Net Zero world, 
  • We take the initial risk, invest a minimum of capital and follow a structured process,
  • The business sponsor commits to take-over ownership through share transfer after 2-3y and grow it further from there-on

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Some of our achievements

  • EVDOTS is a startup that aims to facilitate the transition of vehicle fleets to 100% electric by offering a fully integrated service. Originating from Singapore's startup studio, EVDOTS has been integrated as a joint venture with the largest mobility player ComfortDelGro. It is now positioned as the market leader with projected revenue of €26 million for 2022-2030. 

  • Flexisun is an innovative offer that combines decentralized PV with an optimized battery solution to support customers' decarbonization. It also integrates an energy management system to improve the business case of distributed PV. 

  • Carbon Compass is decarbonising the mining sector by aggregating energy-related data from mid-tier mine sites to accelerate the deployment of renewables. Carbon Compass’s digital solution creates different simulations of renewable energy assets to help miners optimize their energy stack with different configurations of renewables. 

  • PHNXX is a modular microgrid solution that provides customers with reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective power on demand. PHNXX solution offers multiple sources of renewable energy generation coupled with battery storage, managed by an integrated Smart Energy Management System to meet customer energy demands without relying on the grid. 

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