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Other innovations 19/10/2020

ENGIE Energy Access powers Rwanda with clean energy through OffGridBox innovation

Through ENGIE Energy Access, the ENGIE Africa BU is implementing a pilot scheme with OffGridBox, which provides purified water, electricity and Wi-Fi to about 200 offgrid families in Kigali, saving 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

“We are delighted to be the winners of the call for urban power and clean water solutions and to start this pilot with ENGIE in Kigali"

“Our 3-year experience providing safe water and clean energy to rural communities in Rwanda will help us in implementing this project, and we aim to scale up our activities in other parts of the country".


The startup OffGridBox was winner of the ENGIE Africa call for startups  : "Urban Power & Clean Water Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa" in 2019. 
ENGIE Africa is now putting in place a pilot with OffGridBox to provide purified water, power and Wi-Fi to offgrid communities in Kigali.

This pilot, successfully launched early October, provides a powerful solution to the 2 main basic needs for communities in Africa: access to clean water and sustainable energy.

It will cater to the 18% of households in Kigali that currently do not have access to power, as well as serve as a backup system for lighting and phone charging in the area. It will also produce the branded Ayacu purified water, which has received the S-mark certification by the Rwanda Standards Board. The OffGridBox is a mobile and modular 2x2x2m container with solar panels on top and a water purification system inside and it can provide connectivity through a Wi-Fi hotspot. The box can be easily transported anywhere in the world and set up on the spot within 4 hours.

Find out more about ENGIE Energy Access and OffGridBox innovations

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