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Homebiogas: Turn your Waste into Energy
New energies 16/05/2018

Homebiogas: Turn your Waste into Energy

HomeBiogas is an Israeli company manufacturing backyard appliances that convert organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. The company will be with ENGIE at Viva Technology 2018, so we talked to Oshik Efrati, co-founder and CEO.

Q: Can you briefly present your company, Oshik?

We have invented a household biodigester that harnesses and stores the methane that is naturally emitted when food rots. Instead of methane dissipating into the atmosphere from food waste rotting in a landfill, HomeBiogas up-cycles the gas, supplying it directly to your stove top. This allows a family to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 6 tons a year!

The company dates from 2012, when its three co-founders became aware of the gap between existing biogas products and the real need. We realized that what was necessary was an individual, user-friendly solution, easy to install and simple to use.  The units have now been selling for two years now, mostly online: we have 49 distributors in 103 countries, and are currently addressing the African market.

Q: In what way is your product particularly innovative?

First of all, it is exceptionally easy to install. Everything is delivered in one box, and it takes an hour to assemble the unit. It is made of highly innovative materials which are of course gas-tight, but also long-lasting, sun-resistant to 50°C, and recyclable. It digests not only anything you might normally compost, but also cooking oil, waste meat, bones, or dairy products, and produces cooking gas; enough for up to three hours of cooking a day. It also produces ready-to-use, top-quality, completely organic liquid fertilizer. And so waste and gas, two things often considered as unpleasant and environmentally delicate, become elements in an innovative system.

Q: How do you come to be participating in Viva Technology with ENGIE, and how do you hope to benefit?

We received a visit when ENGIE New Ventures came to Israel. So we are of course hoping to develop cooperation with ENGIE, and also to find partners; distributors in particular. But basically, we are participating because we want to help people all around the world to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. It's a great opportunity to present our appliance in this particularly relevant context.

Q: And what will you be presenting at Vivatech?

We will be presenting a demonstration model of HomeBiogas 2.0, our newest biodigester: "The most efficient, affordable and rewarding way to transform food waste into energy in your own backyard!"

Q: For you, the future means... ?

In terms of the company, it means Homebiogas 3.0. This is a bigger unit for farms, restaurants and collective use, which can provide enough gas not only for cooking, but also for lighting, heating water, fueling a barbecue, and so on. And we are also about to launch a Homebiogas-linked toilet for off-grid communities, with a manual pump. Clients are already waiting, and a pilot scheme with the U.N. aimed at refugee camps is in the pipeline.

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