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New energies 19/01/2022

Call for solutions: "O2 content in gas networks by Storengy and GRDF

Storengy France, GRTgaz, GRDF and Teréga launch this  "Open Innovation Factory" call for solution to develop a technical solution for reducing the oxygen content in the gas chain from biomethanization. The objective of this call for projects is to identify a technical manufacturer capable of carrying out a study to demonstrate the feasibility and/or validate and test the solution in operational conditions.

Within the framework of the objective of greening gas and the energy transition of the gas system, the injection of biomethane into the transmission and distribution networks is promoted by all gas operators.

Biomethane, while being assimilated to natural gas, has a specific oxygen content compared to natural gas, as biomethane has a higher O2 content than natural gas. A certain quantity of O2 is thus present in the biomethane injected into the distribution and transport operators' networks and is subject to exemptions.

Due to the current development of biomethane, injection and backflow projects could be affected in the medium term by the absence of an O2 exemption. Thus, in order to reach the biomethane injection objectives of the gas operators, it is necessary to identify and/or develop technologies allowing to control the oxygen content on the gas chain.

This Call for Projects will allow :

  • Identify economical and efficient O2 treatment solutions,
  • ensure the safety of our O2-sensitive customers,
  • remove potential obstacles to the development of biomethane and achieve the objectives of volume of biomethane injected.

The solutions proposed by the applicants may be deployed at different locations in the gas chain (biomethane production unit, biomethane injection station, backhaul station, upstream of a specific customer), taking into account the different operational conditions associated with the location of these solutions (in terms of flow rate, pressure, O2 content in particular).

In other words, an applicant can propose a solution that can be deployed at a particular level, or at several levels of the chain if relevant, according to its assessment. The O2 treatment must allow to get closer to the ideal target content of 100ppm mol. 

For more details, visit the platform Open innovation factory

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