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New energies 26/03/2019

Enlight: We have the power, the choice is yours

The Mexican solar market is remarkably attractive: 80 % of the country has excellent solar irradiance (the country belongs to the ‘sun belt’) and the solar energy industry has experienced an exponential growth in recent years, far from other forms of renewable energy – it is also a very competitive one with more than 1,000 integrators.Enlight – with whom ENGIE Mexico signed an equity stake in February 2017 – has become in the past seven years the leading solar company in Mexico for homes, businesses and industries, operating in more than 20 cities through 6 regional offices (Cuernavaca, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Querétaro and just recently Guadalajara) and 3 distribution centers.

A company sustained by its bright future

Founded in 2011, Enlight was a solar integrator focused on industries, but in 2014 the solar company started shifting towards homes and small businesses that, as of today, represent over 85% of the solar roofs they have installed.

Supported by its investors, ALLVP (the most active venture capital firm in Mexico) and ENGIE, Enlight is recognized as one of the most promising companies in the Mexican energy sector, leading the distributed solar market in the country. Enlight is also a key player in ASOLMEX, the most renowned solar association in Mexico.

2018 was a year full of challenges and accomplishments for Enlight. They received the first Renewable Energy Certificate (RECs) for distributed generation in the history of Mexico and started operations at international level in Chile with one of the largest solar roofs in Latin America. Also, this year Enlight signed a contract with Grupo Bimbo, the global leader in the baking industry and an important player in snacks, to install over 20 MWp in Mexico, including the largest solar roof in the country with 2.1 MWp alone.

In the residential market, Enlight not only installed 48% more solar roofs than the previous year, (6.5 MWp), but created the first solar community in Mexico with Atlas Desarrollos (a property developer in Mexico), by designing and building 450 new residences with an individual PV system on each roof.

The new solar community will save thousands of pesos to each home owner and reduce over 450,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year, equivalent to 18,000 trees planted annually. With Atlas Desarrollos, Enlight created a B2B2C project for the first time in its history.

Enlight focusing on innovative technology while ensuring the best customer experience

In this very competitive market, Enlight is always looking for key differentiators by developing innovative technology and ensuring the best customer experience:

  • Apollo: a platform with the most advanced technology to track the solar generation and overall energy consumptions of every Enlight roof. It generates daily reports for customers allowing to evaluate every month if the energy production is optimal - and to detect possible failures. In this case, professionals are called by Enlight to resolve the problem.
  • Enlight Hub brings the information gathered by Apollo in a friendly manner to each customer’s hand. Customers can:

    - Track in real-time solar energy generation
    - Learn more about their savings, habits and utility bills
    - Easily access the system data such as number of panels
    - Receive all necessary information and help they need
    - Share their experience with friends and family

    • Guarantees: Enlight is engaging itself to cover failures of improper installation and electrical work for 3 years. They also guarantee the solar energy generation promise per year or refund the difference

    To follow-up customer satisfaction, Enlight is merging transactional and relationship measurements: the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is measured at 3 distinctive moments in time: 2 transactional measurements (Funnel: Sales & Go-Live) to assess multi-touch experiences and 1 Relationship Measurement (Funnel : 3 months) to assess the overall customer experience.
    A call back of all respondents is ensured. For Promoters, it is the opportunity to thank the customers and to ask for referrals (each client refers up to 1,91 acquaintances on average and more than one third of the clients refers Enlight); for Passives & Detractors, the objective is to understand client’s needs and try to convert them into promoters for the next evaluation.

    Enlight has brought clean and economical energy to Mexican homes and companies, it has innovated this sector with an app that allows transparency in the energy consumption and its strategy. With over 21,000 MWh of clean energy generated in solar roofs, Enlight has diminishes 11 tons of CO2 thrown to the atmosphere equivalent to more than 885,000 planted trees. So it's no wonder that Enlight is the leader in the solar market in Mexico.

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