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New energies 06/03/2015

​SESAM Grids: An innovative project from Cofely Ineo

SESAM Grids is an innovative research and development project on the subject of smart grids led by Cofely Ineo – GDF SUEZ Group, in partnership with CentraleSupélec, the CEA List and Trialog.Its aim is to guarantee the reliability of smart electrical grids and to lead to new security norms.Electrical grid operators exchange an increasing amount of information on a daily basis. Ensuring the security of this information is essential because a single malfunction or cyberattack could compromise the entire network.The goal of the SESAM Grids project is to develop a technical solution and norms that guarantee the security and reliability of smart grids, especially micro grids (otherwise known as local smart grids).The modeling phase of the project was completed in December 2014. The second phase began in January 2015, and should be concluded at the end of 2016.

Source: Cofely Ineo

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