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New energies 04/04/2019

Sungevity International, Making Solar Energy at reach

What if putting  solar on your roof was a no-brainer that nobody would want to miss out on?Sungevity International makes this happen with an innovative customer journeys backed by technology.

When Sungevity International was founded in 2012, the market for solar energy was still in its infancy. False promises, steep prices and poor service scared all but the bravest clients away. But what if solar energy were simple, cheap and reliable? If putting  solar on your roof  was a no-brainer that nobody would want to miss out on?

Sungevity International makes this happen by clearing hurdles with innovative customer journeys backed by technology. By always keeping their promises. And most importantly: by treating their customers as friendly neighbors who share their mission: powering lives with sunshine to speed the global energy revolution. This customer oriented  approach stands out, also in other markets like housing associations in the Netherlands, where the need for participation of tenants is extremely important, and associations are asking for the help from Sungevity.  

Sungevity International was the first in Europe to offer clients Remote Solar Design and a one-click option to get a personal quote for a solar system on their roof. Just one click to receive tailor-made visuals and cost-benefit calculations on all options in a web based “iQuote", with the ability to buy right then and there.

5-8 weeks later customers have a fully operational system on their roofs, installed by Sungevity’s preferred installer network, and Sungevity stand squarely behind what they promise. That’s why they keep a close eye on their customers system 24/7. Does it produce less power than it should? They will come to diagnose and fix the problem right away. Friendly neighbors deserve only the best.

In Sungevity’s experience solar power is a stepping stone to living a more sustainable life. After switching to solar power people are more aware of their energy use. Thanks to its online portal Sungevity records every kilowatt hour that the solar system generates combined with all gas and electric power that people use. Based on this, Sungevity can offers its clients additional  sustainable energy solutions to lower their carbon footprint.

Their groundbreaking approach obviously works. The little seed planted in Amsterdam seven years ago has blossomed into a company with 185  employees and thousands of new clients every year. Sungevity International is now active in the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium and was acquired by ENGIE Group in 2017. *

Sungevity works closely with two of ENGIE’s largest Business Units to serve customers with residential rooftop PV and related services.

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