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ENGIE Brazil Innovation Award: And the winner is...

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Smart Green, a brazilian company, is the winner of the ENGIE Innovation Award 2017.

SmartGreen develops solutions suited to the reality of each city or company. For over ten years, SmartGreen has been working as an automation integrator, creating solutions through intelligent software and networks.

SmartGreen is a pioneer in Brazil for integrated solutions for the administration of smarter environments like cities, companies and residences.

SmartGreen consists of a team of more than 30 engineers and developers working with modern tools, combining management and sustainability, organization and connectivity and integrating services and managing remote assets. Smartgreen develops all parts of hardware, software and networks which are determining factor in the composition of efficient solutions.

SmartGreen is part of the Ouro Verde group, which has investments in renewable energy, logistic sheds, insurance, communication groups and technology companies.

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