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Other innovations 12/07/2018

At ENGIE Axima, innovation is an everyday occurrence

After editions in Marseille, Paris and Nantes, the 4th ENGIE Axima Innovation Meetup took place in Lyon as part of ENGIE Innovation Week.It drove home that for Axima’s innovation teams, innovation is an everyday experience. One shared with ENGIE Axima’s customers, but also with employees and students.Sophie Baudry, Marketing Manager at in the communications department, talked to us about the day, which generated a lot of excitement for the participants.

Meetings with a local flavor

As we did in Marseille, Paris and Nantes, we focused on creating a local footprint by inviting local eco-systems, our customers, and students from our partner schools. One of the goals of this day was to get them to discover how our work is changing and the subjects we are working on.

A marketplace of innovative solutions

With a 180 m2 space, we were able to hold a marketplace focused on innovation, with 20 stands and fifty exhibitors covering both ENGIE projects, startups we already collaborate with, and other promising startups, incubators and partners. One of the criteria for inviting exhibitors to the marketplace was their ability to make their innovations come alive and seem tangible.

Our exhibitors were divided into 3 islands.

The first island was for BIM solutions, where ENGIE Axima presented its BIM Factory. Our goal was to highlight our BIM solutions and to position ourselves as a major player in the field and demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach by example. How can our customers switch to BIM? It involves much more than just software. BIM is a collaborative working tool that can help implement your innovation strategy and get more value from your facilities. Our area was deliberately organized by segment to show that the BIM doesn’t stop at the "Design/Construction" phase, but that it also has many operational advantages!

The second island was focused on the data life cycle, and it had a real educational function. Named "Data Life Cycle", it allowed visitors to better understand and operate the chain of the data. How is raw data collected from our equipment transformed into a source of value creation for our customers? (Through predictive maintenance, smart services, energy performance management ...)

The last block, "AxiLab", was a real laboratory for technological and technological innovations related to the energy transition, and aimed to show that innovation does not only go through digital applications. We showed the changes going on in the field of refrigerants, more durable solutions in cooling, connected windows and connected photovoltaic panels and the use of simulation for our projects.

It was a place for people to learn about new things, but the marketplace was first and foremost a living space, one where our customers could touch the innovations we were talking about, live them and share them. It was also an opportunity for us to test the market and take the pulse of our customers’ needs, to test their appetite for what we offer.

A cycle of conferences

In addition to the marketplace we offered a program of conferences throughout the day on energy performance, digital tools, and the energy transition. Luc Ferry headlined, and his presentation was highly appreciated.

What did you get out of it?

With more than 600 participants, including 300 people from outside the company, we were very satisfied with the success of this beautiful day. By showing that innovation applies to our day-to-day jobs, the event created a real movement and changed the way people look at us.

We are particularly proud of the feedback from our customers, who were impressed by what is happening in our everyday projects.

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