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Other innovations 16/04/2015

Bonjour Idée’s Startup of the Year 2015 Awards Ceremony at GDF SUEZ

Bonjour Idée’s Startup of the Year 2015 Awards Ceremony was held on April 15th at GDF SUEZ’s headquarters.Presented by Jean Marc Sylvestre, the ceremony was meant to recognize the most innovative of the 1100 startups from various fields that participated.

4 audience awards were given out:

1st Prize: Clic and Walk is an application that gives everyone “the gift of ubiquity”, in the words of its founder. It involves an application that collects marketing information in real time thanks to a network of volunteers, the clic walkers. Clic and Walk also won the “Ca compte pour moi” partner prize.

2nd Prize: Willid, question-response forum for professionals that lets them meet and get advice.

3rd Prize: Styx, a just-started project for a network for communication between students which also won the Minute Buzz award

4th Prize: Zeecrowd, a tool for doing collaborative work, that also appealed to event partner Qwant

The prize partners:

Iwheelshare is a geolocalized application that lets people with handicaps to share information about accessibility and to communicate with each other. This startup won the SNCF Développement and CCI France as well as the Best Community Management Prize.

SoliMoov helps finance charity organizations thanks to its online purchases. The startup received the Hiscox Prize.

The GDF SUEZ prize for the Startup of the Year 2015 was awarded based on votes from GDF SUEZ employees. They chose Green CREATIVE, the creator of R3D3, a smart, connected trash can. Green CREATIVE also won the Bernis Investissement Prize.

Source: GDF SUEZ

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