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Other innovations 06/03/2019 collaborative, efficient and eco-responsible logistics

20% of the 100 million m² of warehouses in France are under-used!, a subsidiary of ENGIE Ineo, makes it possible to optimize and make these storage spaces profitable by pooling them among professionals with logistical resources available and those who need therefore offers each professional the possibility of finding the logistics solution adapted to their needs.

How does it work?

 With just a few clicks, the platform allows you to submit your logistical need and guarantees that within 72 hours you receive three offers adapted to your needs that you can compare before selecting the most relevant one. You can connect immediately and for free. has a repository of 500 partners and more than 800,000 m² of logistics zones throughout France. is thus able to meet all your storage needs, whether coupled with associated logistics services such as receipt of goods, inspection, order picking, transport, etc.

"The logistics world now thinks in a connected and shared way. Their needs for transport and storage of goods are becoming denser, but the logistical real estate supply doesn’t always develop so fast. When we know that 20% of logistical areas are underutilized, how can we not react by offering a solution that’s virtuous for the environment while meeting professional needs? responds to these challenges and helps clients gain in agility and flexibility in the supply and distribution of products.

We created the first connected mesh of warehouses on French territory. At any time, we know the capacity available in these warehouses, the typologies of storable products and the logistical services that can be offered," explains Pierre-Arnaud Catimel, co-founder and commercial director of


And if you have storage space with or without associated logistics services, go directly to to get referred and make your available resources profitable.

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