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Discover the 15 winners of the 2019 ENGIE Innovation Trophies
Other innovations 24/06/2019

Discover the 15 winners of the 2019 ENGIE Innovation Trophies

For more than 30 years, the ENGIE Innovation Trophies have been rewarding the innovations of ENGIE employees around the world. Tuesday, June 18, 2019  the traditional Award Ceremony of the Innovation Trophies was hosted in Paris, at Station F.

A very selective process

The award process was launched at the end of November 2018. The Group's employees from all around the world submitted 520 projects. In April 2019, the Group's BUs and experts selected 52 finalist projects, and on May 22, the leaders of these projects pitched their innovations to the Innovation Awards Grand Jury, which selected 14 winners. Meanwhile, all ENGIE employees were able to vote for their favorite project among the 9 nominees of the "Idea of ​​New Business" category.

The winning projects

Shopping Box - France BtoB - ENGIE Axima - Grand Prix "Idea of ​​New Business"

The smart and refrigerated box: ENGIE Axima has co-developed Shopping Boxes that allow to deliver temperate, fresh and frozen products ordered on the Web and meet the customers' new expectations : need for more flexibility, willingness to consume locally, to limit the intermediaries between the producers and the consumers (farm to fork) and to revitalize the shops in city centers. 

DATASECURE - France BtoB - ENGIE Axima - Grand Prix “Best Failed Idea”

DATASECURE project analyzed crossed data related to 582 work accidents with machine learning techniques correlating 64 different criteria to establish correlations between the characteristics of the accidents, the profile of the victims and the circumstances of their occurrence. The results were inconclusive which demonstrates the difficulty of conducting a Data Science project when input data are heterogeneous and complicated to harvest 

Ammonia DX refrigeration plant - BENELUX- ENGIE Axima / Belgium - Grand Prix "Operations, Techniques et Technologies"

A ZERO CARBON alternative to traditional installations using polluting refrigerants. This new concept offers a zero carbon alternative for small and large refrigerating capacities.

ReadyLink - Africa - Fenix / Uganda - Grand Prix "Operations, Techniques et Technologies"

A secure low-power wireless network for pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar home systems. ReadyLink allows for secure wireless communication between pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar home systems.More than 25,500 power systems with ReadyLink capability have already been sold.

In-Night Services - Global Business Support - BENELUX - ENGIE Axima / Belgium -  Grand Prix "Management & Support"

In night delivery of materials and tools in the technicans vans. We increase the operational efficiency of our technicians by delivering, during the night, directly into the vehicle of the technician or in a safe place close to his residence, necessary parts for their activity

EIDERIS - France BtoC - Grand Prix "Customer Relation"

The first remotely monitored ENGIE boiler. ENGIE Home Services is the French leader for the maintenance of heating systems. The Eideris offer is an innovative solution for private customers which enables remote and real-time monitoring of the boiler by heating experts.

Weather-independent and energy neutral storage agriculture products - BENELUX - NECST / Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands - Grand Prix "Business Development"

A storage solution for agricultural products adapted to climate change and using solar energy. The ENGIE storage eliminates the use of outside air and gas. It allows farmers to precisely adjust the optimal storage conditions. The system is designed with a heat pump which allows farmers to use the residual heat. The fraction of electricity which is needed is generated with solar panels.

Beyond Energy - Africa - PowerCorner / Tanzania - Grand Prix "Success Story"

An innovative approach to make mini-grids economically viable: developing electricity usage in rural areas of Africa by offering innovative products and services that boost economic growth and thereby create the conditions for profitable renewable mini-grid development for ENGIE PowerCorner

Greater Springfield - Asia-Pacific / Australia - Special Prize "Collaboration"

Building Better Cities TODAY in Australia: a 50-year, exclusive, strategic alliance to co-create a city with energy at the heart of its development. Leveraging the full capabilities of the ENGIE Group and relevant subsidiaries, Springfield will rely on our imaginative builders to create the example 21st century city, giving us the opportunity to showcase ENGIE’s zero carbon transition as a service strategy

TURBO COAT - Generation Europe / Belgium -  Special Prize "Frugal Innovation"

Creative solution for damaged steam turbines: 50% of all steam turbines worldwide are affected by erosion. Erosion is driven from frequent start/stops and long term low load operation, directly linked to the new market situation by need of flexible operation mode. TURBO COAT, our ENGIE alternative solution, developed in-house, allows to perform a highly qualitative, fast and low cost solution without opening the turbines.

Circular economy of biomass ashes - France BtoB - ENGIE Cofely - Special Prize "Sustainable Development"

We managed to incorporate an industrial waste, ashes from our biomass boiling rooms, in a filter to clean biogas instead of active carbon, a polluting product. This process reduces cost treatment of those ashes, and improves biogas carbon footprint.

Let's Code - GEM / Belgium, France, Italy - Special Prize "Jury's favorite"

Anybody can code! A volunteer-based peer-to-peer coding training program for beginners, providing the tools to automate simple tasks and the freedom to be creative, innovate, and create value.

"The Raft of the Measure" - France Renouvelables - Special Prize "Jury's favorite"

A revolutionary floating LIDAR whose stake is acceptability by banks in project finance. To measure the intensity of wind on the sea, a key figure for any off-shore windfarm project, the industry used an Offshore Met Mast a colossal measurement structure fixed on the seabed. Our project is a radical innovation with the use of an ultra discreet floating raft that measures wind intensity by laser (LIDAR) as an answer to different stakes related to installation, flexibility, cost-cutting and environment.

Big Battery Box - Generation Europe - BENELUX- NECST / Netherlands -  Special Prize "Acceleration"

Mobile Green Energy As a Service: investments in large scale battery storage usually do not guarantee stable revenues throughout a longer period. The most important markets for batteries, being the ancillary markets, are tendered on weekly or daily basis. On the other hand, the rental market for backup power (construction sites, events) is evolving to more carbon-neutral activities and less noise. We developed 20 foot mobile battery storage containers thus achieving a viable business case by combining both markets.

HyStart - L’hydrogène vert et local pour une mobilité accessible au plus grand nombre - France BtoB - ENGIE Cofely - "Employee's Prize"

Green and local hydrogen to make mobility accessible: Hystart is a solution providing a hydrogen production and refueling station as a service, over a period of a few years and for a fleet of a few vehicles. With Hystart, ENGIE Cofely supports the zero carbon transition of its customers by introducing them to hydrogen mobility.

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