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ENGIE Innovation Week Roundtables in Paris
Other innovations 02/06/2016

ENGIE Innovation Week Roundtables in Paris

Taking place from June 6th to 10th, ENGIE Innovation Week 2016 will be yet another opportunity for the Group to demonstrate the vitality of its culture of innovation around the world. Hundreds of events will take place in France and abroad, and an Innovation Round Table will be held every day in Paris on the major theme of the day. These mornings will be hosted by Erik Orsenna with his usual gusto. They will be broadcast live on the OpenInnov by ENGIE platform to help as many people possible to attend. Location: The Village by CA, 55 Rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris, except for the meeting on Thursday, June 9, which will be held at the Gaieté Lyrique, 3bis Rue Papin, 75003 Paris Time: 9 to 11 am

Monday 6th June : Businesses : innovating for performance
9 :00 am – 11 :00 am, Le Village by CA, 55 Rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris

Developing functional or use-based approaches, improving the profitability of facilities, collaboratively designing and producing products and services, and new energy solutions: the business world uses innovation to perform better.

  • Claude Turbet, Managing Director Solutions for businesses - ENGIE
  • Isabelle Fondimare, Marketing & Services Development Manager - ENDEL ENGIE
  • Jim Johnson, Vice President of Business Development - Retroficiency Analytics, ENGIE Group
  • Sylvain Clemendot, Manager Innovation Mission – TOTAL Raffinage Chimie
  • Yann Bercq Delost, Head of Incubation Programs Sustainable City – Paris&C
  • Tanguy Mathon, Manager- BLU-E
  • Bertrand Penavayre, Building Business Development, General Procurment – AIRBUS

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Tuesday 7th June : The new age of renewables
9 :00 am – 11 :00 am, Le Village by CA, 55 Rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris

Wind, solar and biomass: to ensure continuity of clean energy supplies for consumers, ENGIE is constantly developing its renewable energies park. The development of these carbon-free technologies is a central challenge within the overall strategy of the Group.
What will be the innovations of tomorrow ? how can they be financed? Who are the stakeholders?

  • Luc GOOSSENS, Directeur en charge de l'Eolien, de l'Hydroéléctricitéet de la Géothermie - ENGIE
  • Ramani HARIHARAN, Directeur de la Stratégie, métier production centralisée d'électricité - ENGIE
  • Jonas Geerinck, Partner and managing Director - Boston Consulting Group
  • Scott JACOBS, Co-foundateur- Generate Capital
  • Nicolas WOLFF, VP Directeur Général - Vestas Mediterranean
  • Mathieu DANCRE, Directeur - GreenChannel

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Wednesday 8th June : the city 3.0
9 :00am – 11 :00am, Le Village by CA, 55 Rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris

With the eco-design of buildings, energy sobriety at the local level, ensuring the flow of transport networks, increasing the safety and sharing of urban space, and the real-time management of connected cities, the city of tomorrow is probably the most active area for developing new decentralized, innovative business models!

  • Olivier Biancarelli, Managing Director Decentralized business Solutions for Cities and Territories - ENGIE
  • Laura Schewel, Founder and CEO - STREETLIGHT DATA
  • Lorène Dumeaux - Manager, Urban Issues & Innovation - VINCI Construction
  • Frédéric Dagnet, Director of Prospective and Evaluation - Maritime Port of Marseille

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Thursday 9th June : Reinventing our daily life
9 :00 am – 11 :00 am, La Gaîté Lyrique / Plateau Média - 3bis Rue Papin, 75003 Paris

In our daily lives, technological developments, new behaviors and increasing digitalization are changing our expectations in terms of domestic comfort, healthcare and the ways we consume… What solutions will be developed to meet these needs?

  • Pierre Chatain, Managing Director Solutions for Individuals and Businesses - ENGIE
  • Pascal Malfoy, Chief Operating Officer - LEROY MERLIN France
  • David Denis, Manager - PLEASE
  • David DE AMORIM, Innovation Director - DOCAPOST

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Friday 10th June : What’s new in gas?
9 :00 am – 11 :00 am, Le Village by CA, 55 Rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris

Gas has the potential to become a true vector for the energy transition all around the world thanks to innovative solutions and the development of new uses.

  • Sandra Roche Vu Quang, New Gas Manager- ENGIE
  • Bernard Blez, Crigen Deputy Director - ENGIE
  • Philippe Andreucci, Chairman and CEO - APIX Analytics
  • Clément Chandon, Gas Business Development - IVECO

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