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​ENGIE is taking its ecosystem to CES 2017

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The CES is now the largest trade show for innovation in the world. Originally strictly focused on B2C products and services, it has become a place for both B2C and B2B businesses and is constantly inviting more startups. Since 2012, these startups have set up shop at 800 Eureka Park, a space created just for them, and more and more join every year.

Last January, ENGIE publicly participated in the CES for the first time. ENGIE employees have long participated in and visited the show, but 2016 was the first time ENGIE had a space to showcase its innovations and those of its partners startups.

It was a very successful experience that gave the Group the opportunity to increase its visibility as an innovator, to meet new potential partners and to give its current partner startups a way to promote their work and offerings.

The fact that ENGIE had a stand in Eureka Park was perceived as a strong indicator of its willingness to get involved in innovative ecosystems and to collaborate with startups. Especially since ENGIE was the only major company to have chosen this option.

Given that the operation in January 2016 was such as success, ENGIE has decided to come back to the next CES in January 2017.

ENGIE will once again have a stand in the area where startups showcase their innovations and prototypes. This year we will be bringing along an even larger number of startups than last time, and we have also invited our partner incubators to join us, each of whom will showcase the startups that they are incubating. This is one more way of opening up the startup ecosystem and giving everyone involved more press and visibility on an international stage.

We’ve gone from simply being ENGIE to ENGIE and partners at CES! Our space will be slightly larger this time around, but we want to be true to the same spirit: highlighting the innovations developed by our partners - and of course by us, too!
There will be plenty to see, touch and experience at ENGIE’s space at CES.

The Group’s area at CES will be previewed at CES Unveiled in Paris on October 25th, and we will gradually let you know who exactly will be joining us and the innovative features we will be including. There will probably be some nice surprises!

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