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Other innovations 02/03/2020

ENGIE Italia empowers its customers with a personal carbon footprint calculator

In July 2019, ENGIE Italia launched a new user engagement online tool based on social responsibility for CO2 reduction, the Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator, dedicated both to customers and prospects.

Consciousness and responsibility: a continuous commitment to customer engagement

Focusing on ENGIE positioning to lead the zero carbon transition, ENGIE Italia has launched a practical tool to develop customers' and prospects' awareness about the importance of this topic and its translation in the everyday life.

The Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator aims at empowering the customer and making him conscious of his own personal environmental impact, according to his lifestyle and daily choices.

An experience-centric approach

First of all, detailed benchmark was conducted on other existing online self-evaluation tools, giving us a few insights about User Experience and the final feedback given to the customer. 3 topics are key to understand and make the user understand the environmental impact related to his daily habits: home, mobility and life style.

A tool including 22 questions on those 3 topics was then developed.


The goal is to better know the user's home typology and location, to frame its energy efficiency consumption and level, as well as the user's likelihood to adopt sustainable behaviors (i.e. PV panels).


In this case, the investigated items are the user's habits related to ownership and usage of personal vehicles versus public transportation, as well as long distance type of mobility.


The last topic aims at understanding the user's eating, waste disposal and buying habits in different aspects of his life (furniture, fashion and technology).

The Personal Carbon Footprint tool returns a 360° snapshot of a user's environmental impact based on his behaviors for each topic. It gives the estimation of the yearly CO2 production and offers a comparison with an average person's consumption.

To make it easier to understand , an analogy is made between the user's yearly CO2 production and a car's, indicating how many cars match his own consumption. Moreover, the tool highlights the fact that ENGIE can offer support ho help him reduce his environmental impact. In the end, the user can choose to receive the full report via mail, through a lead generation form, and share his results with friends through social media and chats.

Integration and customization : the road towards a customer unique view

Our next step will be to integrate the Personal Carbon Footprint reports of registered customers into their ENGIE profile, in order to suggest personalized actions and offers to reduce their CO2 production thanks to ENGIE's support.

Until now, the tool has registered more than 11.000 interactions (of which 9.700 are unique). The average time on the tool is 3'50''. Around 600 personal calculations were sent and more than 280.000 emails containing news about the tool were sent with an opening rate of around 50%.

If you want to try the Carbon Footprint Calculator (in Italian), just click here!

Source: Flavia Lenzi

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