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Other innovations 15/12/2015

​ENGIE’s innovations will be shown at CES 2016

ENGIE will be exhibiting for the first time at CES from January 6th to 9th, 2016. The Group will showcase its innovations at the event but also the innovative ecosystem it has built up around itself. Three startups backed by "ENGIE New Ventures" will be at the stand: SIGFOX (France), Tendril (USA) and Advanced Microgrid Solutions (USA). The CES will also let the Group get an overall sense of the state of innovation in the world.

The startups that will be with ENGIE at CES 2016

ENGIE is giving three startups it invested in in 2015 the opportunity to increase their visibility by exhibiting in its space in the hall where startups and the French Tech will be showing together.

SigFox is a network for the Internet of Things now operating in 12 countries, mainly in Western Europe and the USA. The network connects billions of objects currently in industrial use and in the service sector.
ENGIE used the network to help develop energy optimization solutions for buildings, and this was only the first step: in the near future, almost every object will be “connected” to improve its internal processes, reduce operating costs and reduce periods of low productivity.

Tendril is an American company that develops solutions for managing energy services. The Tendril platform functions as a bridge between consumers and energy suppliers and is already used by millions of customers in the US. The partnership between Tendril and ENGIE gives European customers access to personalized solutions for energy services management and provides Tendril with access to ENGIE’s customer base.

AMS (Advanced Microgrid Solutions) is a California startup specializing in energy storage. AMS’s solutions use buildings’ aggregated electrical loads to reduce the total electrical load on the network, redistributing it building-by-building. Companies can lower their energy costs and achieve greater reliability by reducing electrical demand peaks by 25%.
AMS is currently conducting B2B energy storage projects using Tesla energy storage systems with capacities of 50 Mw for Southern California Edison.
The partnership between AMS and ENGIE has allowed the Group to develop appealing storage solutions for its B2B customers while letting AMS capitalize on ENGIE’s strength and expertise to help develop its business in the United States and elsewhere.

ENGIE’s innovations on display

This will be the first trip to the United States for Diya One, the robot co-developed by Cofely Services and the innovative startup Partnering Robotics. The robot operates inside buildings and independently collects information about humidity, light and indoor air quality in general. It can purify indoor air, but also collects data used to run energy efficiency services and manages occupant requests for repair work.

A model of the solar car Indupol One will also be on the stand. ENGIE participated in performance testing its PV panels before they were installed on the vehicle and fixed electrical safety issues that were crucial for it to be competitive. The solar car won the "Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge" in 2015 in the "4 wheel vehicle" category.

The sustainable energy management platform ECOVA will also be on the stand, alongside other innovations from ENGIE North America.

Some of the Group’s other innovations will also be there, including the HomniStat smart thermostat, the fun, eco-friendly application PowerZee and the Smart ZAE project, an Economic Activity Zone-sized smart grid being tested in Toulouse.

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