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​GDF SUEZ at the San Francisco CleanTech Forum

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GDF SUEZ participated in the CleanTech Forum in San Francisco on March 16th-18th 2015. The forum included representatives of the innovation community from all over the world. 

Themed "€œCleanTech Meets the Cloud", the event brought together investment funds, entrepreneurs and institutional actors.

In his Morning Keynote address on March 18th, Hendrik Van Asbroeck, Director of the GDF SUEZ New Ventures investment fund, presented the ways in which GDF SUEZ is collaborating with startups and the three strategic axes for innovation that the Group has targeted: "Smart Energy Management"€, "Cities, territories and mobility"€ and "€œEnergy Efficiency".

GDF SUEZ's approach to innovative startups is based on collaboration, rather than just on financial support.

Hendrik Van Asbroeck then presented the three startups in which GDF SUEZ has invested: Powerdale (Belgium), Tendril (USA), and Sigfox (France), with a focus on Tendril presented by Adrian Tuck, CEO of the young smart energy company.

Hendrik Van Asbroeck met with major investment funds from the West Coast during the Forum, making important contacts that could lead to future collaborations. He also met with ten innovative startups in the strategic areas of interest to GDF SUEZ.

The European edition of the CleanTech forum will take place in Florence from April 27th-29th 2015, and GDF SUEZ will also be present.

Source: GDF SUEZ

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