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Other innovations 27/03/2015

2015 Innovation Trophies: GDF SUEZ will award the Startup Prize

The 2015 Innovation Trophies will be awarded on May 19th by the magazine L’Usine Nouvelle. GDF SUEZ has decided to take part in this event by supporting the Startup Prize.7 prizes will be awarded at the Innovation Trophies:-The Energy Efficiency Prize, which will be awarded to a project for reducing the energy intensity of a factory or building-The Smart Grid Prize will be awarded to a project that contributes to digitizing energy management or creates a physical tool/program for optimizing smart grids-The Renewable Energies Prize will be awarded to an exemplary installation involving renewable energy-The Sustainable Transportation Prize will be awarded to a company that has successfully implemented a strategy for reducing the carbon footprint of its transportation or logistics.-Communications prize will be awarded to a communications campaign that has raised popular awareness of issues related to the energy transition.-The Startup Prize, sponsored by GDF SUEZ, will be awarded to a company less than 5 years old offering an innovative technology or service that enables better energy management, improves energy efficiency or develops renewable energies.-The Grand Prize will be awarded by the selection committee (which includes GDF SUEZ) based on their favorite project overall.Startups and companies that would like to participate in the Trophies can download the application here: applications must be submitted before April 10th.

Source: GDF SUEZ

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