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Other innovations 15/10/2015

​The fundtruck shows up at Engie!

A bit of frigid wind was blowing through ENGIE’s esplanade at La Défense this Thursday, October 8th ... But it wasn’t nearly enough to discourage the startups of the day from coming to present their projects for ENGIE employees, investment funds and passersby who were curious about this strange-looking truck!

The fundtruck is a highly original project initiated by Sowefund which allows 4 startup per day to get into its food-truck and travel the streets of Paris to present their projects to investors and the general public. This October 8th, their trip included a stop at La Défense in front of the headquarters of ENGIE, who were partners in this innovative event.

On the menu that day were 4 projects from very different fields: bioluminescence, connected electronic cigarettes, connected driving licenses and waste recovery. Exciting projects all around, each led by entrepreneurs who had 3 minutes to convince the public and the selection committee.

Glowee, living lighting through bioluminescence

Glowee makes use the ability of certain organisms such as algae, jellyfish, fish and squid to produce light. Their light is produced without electricity and offers an ecological and magical-seeming alternative to electric lighting in the urban landscape, in places like windows, facades, signs and street furniture.

Bonus: little light pollution or CO2 emissions.

The project is still in the testing phase, with short lifetimes, but is expected to be commercially available in 2016.

More information:

Enovap, the connected electronic cigarette

Founded in 2013, Enovap is a connected electronic cigarette solution that includes a mobile application, a social network and an electronic cigarette. It allows users to analyze the details of their consumption directly on their phone, and to see the benefits of stopping smoking in real time in addition to support and assistance from other users.

Technically, it’s an electronic cigarette with a dual tank containing two different nicotine concentrations, all of which can be controlled via a smartphone. The associated social network lets you get help and from other users, who you can share goals, challenges and successes with. In 2015, Enovap won both the I-Lab competition organized by BPI France as well as the Hope Young Award, sponsored by the Foundation Norbert Ségard, in the "Health and Technology" category.

More information:

En voiture Simone, freer and cheaper access to a driver’s license

En voiture Simone is a new kind of driving school that allows anyone to register and book their lesson hours online without being bound to a specific location or monitor.

The start-up connects qualified “freelance” instructors with candidates for their license. This "a la carte" system can really bring down the price of the license, with an average cost of € 680 (for a 20 hour pack) instead of € 1250 for a typical driving school. The candidates then pass the license exam as independent candidates, with free exam registration, all without any upfront commitment.


Phenix, a set of solutions for fighting food waste

Created in March 2014, Phenix's main objective is to promote the reuse of food and non-food items at the end of their life cycle. Each year, over 10 million tons of food supplies are lost in the food chain. As Phenix note during its pitch: "the amount of food wasted in France would be enough to ‘feed’ Belgium."

By July 2016, France’s energy transition law will require businesses with a surface area of over 400 m² to implement partnerships for donating consumable unsold food supplies to food aid associations.

Phoenix gets involved at various parts of the chain to reduce food waste and acts as an intermediary between the two worlds while maintaining a mission to educate and train people at all levels.


Following the pitches, participants were able to vote for their startup "favorite". These votes were then pooled with those of the official selection committee and investors. The winner for this trip was Glowee, whose enthusiasm and totally innovative solution unanimously appealed to the audience.

Source: Christine Leroy

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