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[Tech&Co] Hors série 'Energy of the future' on BFM TV - Replay
New energies 04/09/2023

[Tech&Co] Hors série "Energy of the future" on BFM TV - Replay

[REPLAY] On Tech & Co, a programme dedicated to tech news, watch a segment on the energy of the future with contributions from Elodie Le Cadre Loret for ENGIE Research & Innovation - broadcast on 4 September 2023 on BFM TV  - In french only.

Hosted by Jérôme COLOMBAIN, a journalist specialising in technology, this special edition of Tech&co discusses with guests the ideas and technologies being tested to shape the future of low-carbon energy.

  • Thibault Cantat, head of the circular carbon economy programme at CEA, presents carbon-neutral synthetic fuel solutions for aviation and maritime transport.  These technologies make it possible to convert low-carbon electricity into e-fuels (e-kerozene, solar fuels).  These technologies are also assessed in ENGIE R&I's "Emerging Sustainable Technologies" report

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