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CES 2016 - Episode 1: Connected Objects

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Welcome to the world's biggest trade fair for consumer technologies, the CES in Las Vegas.

CES is known for predicting the trends of the future, and walking around is like peeking into the future.

Today's topic is connected objects which are everywhere around us.

"Voice" is a smart microphone with speakers in it, which is also a light bulb. You can ask it things, like what the weather is like or ask it to turn on your lights.

Connected objects are also very useful for companies, like SigFox for instance. Sigfox devices enable companies to track each one of their delivery pallets cheaply, as well as gathering the data.

Connected Objects are not just for people ! This device attaches to the dog's collar and lets his owner know exactly what his dog is actually doing.

Tomorrow, we're going to see drones and robots... See you there !