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Call for "low carbon" solutions for heat production, storage and recovery.

Decarbonation of the territories

Call for project closed the 31 Mar. 2023

Call for 'low carbon' solutions for heat production, storage and recovery.
To support territories in their decarbonation, ENGIE is looking for innovative solutions with low CO2 emissions for the production, recovery or storage of heat.

Our purpose

ENGIE wants to rely on innovations developed by start-ups and SMEs to better support its local customers in their decarbonization ambitions. 

The objective of this call is to find "low carbon" solutions :

  • allowing the production and/or storage of renewable heat thanks to:

         o the recovery of fatal waste heat*,

         o or the use of pre-existing resources in a territory

  • promoting the energy autonomy of territories and the decorrelation of energy market prices.
  • meeting the heating needs of a city with the objective of carbon neutrality. 

The proposed solutions must meet a priority need for heat but they can also be hybrid (heat and electricity).

*Heat generated by a process, which is not its primary purpose and which is not recovered.

To whom is our call addressed?

This call for solutions is aimed at French start-ups and SMEs.

Why answer to this call ?

The winners will first benefit from increased visibility alongside ENGIE via :

  • internal and external communication on the Group's social networks,
  • participation in an internal webinar dedicated to the subject of decarbonization of territories.

In addition, the winning start-ups and/or SMEs may participate in a technical and economic feasibility study on a real project.

If they prove to be relevant, their offers could be included in ENGIE's commercial offers.

Eligibility and selection criteria

Our selection criteria will be as follows

  • Innovative nature of the solution
  • coherence of the proposed business model
  • economic feasibility/viability
  • price/quality ratio
  • duration of the return on investment
  • ease of implementation
  • development potential
  • project/solution maturity
  • energy efficiency
  • references

Selection procedure

  • Initial selection of candidates, based on the answers to the online form and a file including :

                    o a summary note (max 4 pages) covering all the criteria,

                    o a detailed technical-financial note of the solution (max 15 pages) including :

                                 - a technical and environmental description

                                 - a proposed financial model

                                 - a description of the maintenance operations to be carried out

                                 - a description of the means of implementation

                                 - the manufacturing technology

                                 - a presentation of references (possibility of sending video links).

  • "Pitch" of the finalists in front of the members of the selection committee.
  • Announcement of the winners.

Selection committee and partner(s) of the call

The selection committee will be composed of the following profiles 

  • 1 expert from Engie R&I
  • 1 technical manager
  • 1 commercial project manager
  • 1 business developer
  • 1 representative of the Engie Solutions BU
  • The person in charge of the ENGIE Calls for Projects 

We tell you more

In order to meet today's energy challenges and no longer be dependent on fossil fuels, we must consume less and better: less, by favouring hybrid solutions, and better, by using renewable energies. 

ENGIE is working to promote the development of low-carbon energies and their supply at the local level thanks to a 360° approach that includes, depending on the needs, the financing, design, implementation and operation of virtuous solutions.

As the leader in heating networks in France, ENGIE helps territories to make the most of local resources and transform them into "low-carbon" energy by using innovative technologies. Geothermal energy, biomass, recovery of waste heat, heat from waste recovery, solar power plants connected to a district heating network... We design and operate solutions adapted to local needs and specificities. 

The result is accelerated decarbonization of the regions through an energy mix, more virtuous heat and more stable prices in the long term.

Read the article: https://www.engie.com/news/tribune-decarbonation-cop26.


  • Water Horizon

Silver medal

  • GazoTech
  • BioRenGaz
  • Propellane
  • HELIORE Technologies

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