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The 'Vyn for safety' solution for health and safety at work
Digital & Data 19/11/2021

The "Vyn for safety" solution for health and safety at work

Within ENGIE, health, safety and environmental protection are deeply rooted in the Group's DNA, with a collective objective of "No Life at Risk" for all employees, temporary workers and subcontractors.

Vyntelligence and ENGIE develop a unique approach that combines human intelligence with AI to enable smarter digitization and proactive safety culture

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VP Sales Vyntelligence

To achieve this "No Life at Risk" objective, ENGIE equipped two entities in the Middle East and West Africa, with ENGIE New Ventures' partner Vyntelligence's "Vyn for Safety'' solution. The Engineering employees could easily and simply record work situations, thanks to short, guided videos from their smartphones, enabling them to digitise key health, safety and environmental protection processes.

This technology enhanced situational awareness by focusing on the capture of key data, and improved employee safety by automatically identifying and analyzing risk situations.

The use of the Vyntelligence solution, that combines human intelligence with video and voice recognition using Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, has considerably improved the development of a health and safety culture.

“No life at risks” enforced thanks to Artificial Intelligence

ENGIE recently announced the “Vyn: No Life at Risk” project as the winner of the 2021 ENGIE Innovation Trophy in the Management & Support category - an annual award instituted by ENGIE to promote innovation and new ways of working.

Pascal Renaud, COO Water & Power Production, ENGIE AMEA, explains:

"Because people are at the heart of performance at ENGIE, we have worked hard to digitise processes to ensure no life or asset is at risk. Vyn has helped us create a proactive safety culture and we continue to work to reduce the risk of accidents, because it is imperative to act collectively and individually".

Further to the success that ENGIE has seen since deploying Vyntelligence (Vyn) in the field, Vyn have recently announced their proprietary Anomaly Detection AI, which comes as standard with their SmartVideoNotes technology, enabling faster incident response and a more proactive safety culture for enterprise users through machine intelligence.

Vyn’s industry-first Anomaly Detection AI automatically checks for compliance with guidelines on PPE, protection barriers and other regulatory requirements. In essential services industries across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Vyn’s ground-breaking AI has successfully identified and alerted supervisors to take timely H&S actions.

The AI uses multiple data points and a variety of algorithms for natural language understanding, object detection, classification and contextual correlations - all working together as a cohesive unit. It then categorizes the data using proprietary AI classifiers to predict risks and dynamically raise alerts/red-flags relating to, for example, working at height or PPE adherence, to the right person for timely resolution. This directly leads to improvement in quality and safety outcomes of field workforce activities. The auto classification and prioritization also help with remote assurance and role-customized dashboards at various levels.

Customers of Vyntelligence now have the unique advantage of more easily embedding a proactive and sustainable safety culture by using Vyn SmartVideoNotes to digitise and automate their asset and risk management processes.

Arti Khanna, co-founder & Head of Innovation at Vyntelligence said:

“Business challenges are rarely simple and almost always require a multi-dimensional approach. It is only by breaking the larger problem down into smaller components (that function as a unit) that we can begin to make sense of the complexity. We believe it is here that a seamless and flexible system of communication - one that is multimodal, powered by feedback loops & self-regulating mechanisms and can respond to events (internal and external) - can start to make the impact of AI real.”

About Vyntelligence

Vyntelligence's simple-to-deploy, award-winning smart video AI and digital work assurance platform empowers frontline workers and customers to capture short video data using their mobile. This enables remote experts and control tower personnel to make early decisions based on AI-powered recommendations on next actions & insights from the pioneering SmartVideoNotes technology.

The patented AI-driven technology is delivering remote work assurance for leading global businesses in the green energy, construction, telecoms, utilities and manufacturing industries. Vyntelligence helps clients realis 10x ROI by rapidly improving first-time-right metrics, saving field visits and delivering an improved customer experience in addition to deploying new and differentiated solutions.

Headquartered in London, Vyntelligence is leading sustainable innovation for global businesses such as NWL, Engie, EDP, Welsh Water, Cadent Gas and Openreach. Vyn has been granted US patents for Smart Data Capture, Ranking and Delivery of Insights. Vyn and Vyntelligence are registered trademarks of human Learning Ltd.

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