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Call for Predictive Maintenance Solutions Suited to for the Nautical Environments



  • Ascenz

Call for project closed the 03|06|19

Endel ENGIE is looking for solutions able to acquire and interpret data from various strategic equipment in yachts to ensure they are properly verified and technically compliant in real time as well as basic information about the status of the yacht. vessel. This solution could be extended to other types of vessels.


  • Ascotronics
  • Prediktas
  • I-CARE

Suject of the call for project

Starting from defining the technical datasets required to monitor overall maintenance needs of a ship as well as its classification* standards , the solution sought will have to be able to measure, trace and interpret data.

Data to measure/visualize:

  • Fire and seawater pump pressure/flow
  • Vibrations and acoustic measurement (rotating machine, motor, shaft line, etc.)
  • Edging control
  • Exhaust smoke analysis

Data interpretation:

The solution will have to offer a system for interpreting these data using simple indicators of how critical they are.

Additional features:

  • Customer indicators: simplified interface on a tablet to give the end-user (boat user) the information needed to drive.
  • Maintenance indicators: a web portal for relaying precise information from a PC / tablet / smartphone to management and maintenance companies.

The solutions should be able to accommodate the following characteristics of the marine/ yachting environment:

  • Cramped locations
  • Resistance to corrosion in the marine environment
  • Complex data to process (remote interpretation of vibration and acoustic data)
  • Interface to be developed on two levels: one for the end user (during yachting), one for the main user (maintenance team)
  • Wireless data transmission with remote acquisition (on the open sea)
  •  Data securit

*a classification company being a private organization that establishes and applies technical and other standards for a shipbuilding project, the ship itself being built, as well as for ship inspection before and after repairs and throughout the life of the vessel.

Earnings and benefits

Deadline for answers: 3 June 2019

Earnings and benefits for selected projects:

The winner(s) will work with Endel ENGIE on a new project in the marine vessel maintenance development and transfer market. This collaboration may include:

  • Participating in financing a POC
  • Based on the results of the POC, integrating the new maintenance tools into ENGIE Endel’s commercial offerings
  • Highlighting the solution at a number of internal and external innovation events (ex: Viva Technology, Salon des Maires, etc.)
  • Presentation of the project at the Endel Engie Innovation Trophy 2020

Description of the call for projects

Detailed description:


The world's fleet of recreational vessels over 24 meters in size now includes more than 8,000 units, half of which sail in the western Mediterranean during the summer. Endel ENGIE has been working in yacht maintenance for three years. In this still relatively little-industrialized environment, maintenance of these luxury boats is currently done using "standard" maintenance plans provided by the various classification authorities or in curative maintenance.


With this project, we want to make nautical maintenance more rational using real, measurable indicators. We want to develop a turnkey solution to industrialize the maintenance of yachting boats and achieve significant gains in several areas:

  • The availability of boats (better planning work to be done)
  •  Securing critical equipment (predictive maintenance possible)
  • The environment (decreasing material breakage, real-time detection of motor adjustment faults, etc.)

What problems will the deposits have to answer? What will be the added value?

  • Cramped locations
  • Resistance to corrosion in the marine environment
  • Complex data to process (remote interpretation of vibration and acoustic data)
  • Interface to be developed on two levels: one for the end user (during yachting), one for the main user (maintenance team)
  • Wireless data transmission with remote acquisition (on the open sea)
  •  Data securit

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Suitability to the subject
  • Innovative nature of the subject
  • Solidity of the planned business model
  • Feasibility/economic viability
  • Development potential
  • Maturity of the project/solution
  • Project’s capacity to be quickly launched
  • Quality/price ratio
  • Duration of the return on investment
  • Ease of implementation

Knowledge of the maritime environment is a plus.

Selection procedure and provisional timetable:

  • Launch of the call for projects: April 15, 2019
  • Deadline for applications: June 3, 2019
  • Analysis and selection of projects: 3-10 June 2019
  • Presentation of the finalist projects to a selection committee at a special event organized during the ENGIE Innovation Week, June 20, 2019, in Marseille, with many local- and national-level decision-makers
  • Announcement of the winner(s): July 2, 2019
  • Beginning of collaboration: 4th quarter of 2019

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