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New energies

Decentralized energy business models for residential customers


Call for project closed the 11|03|16

ENGIE’s Marketing & Sales business is seeking projects from companies developing or offering innovative business models to provide decentralized energy solutions to residential customers using combinations of any of the following: decentralized generation, storage, electric vehicle charging, smart devices, data analytics.


  • ERM Automatismes

Suject of the call for project

We are seeking companies who mobilize and combine technology to provide innovative offers to residential customers, rather than specialist technology providers,. We are interested in solutions which can be made commercially available in the short term or can be tested immediately and made commercially available within the next 2 years.

Earnings and benefits

Rewards and benefits

Selected companies would have the opportunity of exploring cooperation with ENGIE Marketing & Sales teams to develop decentralized generation offers to residential customers.
ENGIE could also introduce successful companies to our network of incubators and partners and potentially consider minority investment via our venture capital fund

Description of the call for projects

Deadline for submission: March 11th

Detailed description

ENGIE Marketing & Sales teams are working on the development of new decentralized generation offers to residential customers in Europe and are looking for start ups and mature companies who offer innovative business models and solutions for the residential market with potential to be built into offers which could be made commercially available to customers in the short term.

Through this call for projects, ENGIE hopes to detect companies for cooperation to develop future commercial offers.

Eligibity and selection criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Relevance to the scope requested
  • Time to market
  • Track record: commercial, operational, testing, pilots
  • Cost-benefits for customers
  • Customer promise
  • Target Customer
  • Payback timeframe and overall economics
  • Simplicity for the customer
  • Ease of implementation
  • Originality & innovation
  • Overall business model (see for instance business model canvas tool)
  • Solutions implemented in Europe

Selection Committee

Senior ENGIE Marketing & Sales executives

Selection Procedure

Candidates are asked to send a pitch in the form of a presentation document providing sufficient information to assess proposals against the eligibility and selection criteria above. Candidates may also send a short video presentation if they so wish.

Selection will take place in 2 phases:

- Initial selection to draw up shortlist – End of September

- Presentations by shortlisted companies in pitch session and final selection

Provisional timetable

- March 11th: Deadline for submission of application forms

- End of March: Selection of finalists to participate in ENGIE Innovation Week

- April: Presentation by the finalists in pitch session to the selection committee and announcement of the winner

Who we are

Engie’s Marketing & Sales Business Unit sells gas, electricity and services to almost 20 million customers across Europe, representing over 260 TWh of gas sales and 65 TWh of electricity sales. With sales of over 150 TWh of gas and 22 TWh of electricity, Engie has one of the largest residential customer portfolios in Europe.

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