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Green mobility

Real estate optimization and energy performance

By ENGIE Axima


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Call for project closed the 11|10|16

Improve the management of real estate assets and bring all of the stakeholders in a local area together both economically and civically.


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Suject of the call for project

Purpose of the call for projects:

ENGIE Axima, in partnership with Rennes Métropole and Rennes Atalante, is launching a call for proposals for technical, technological or service innovations to imagine the building of the future:

  • Improve property oversight (via connected objects) to optimize operation (energy, uses, security, overall costs, etc.)
  • Develop awareness of eco-citizenship,
  • Improve the structure of data to facilitate decision making (balance scorecard)
  • Develop digital platforms to bring local stakeholders together (industrial companies, small businesses, citizens, assets, associations, etc.

The innovations submitted should involve technical, technological or service advancements that develop synergies between business activities. Digital tools will allow the development of new services.

The solution can be freestanding, in order to be included in a broader offering by ENGIE Axima.
The innovation can be sponsored by a single entity (business, startup, non-profit) or developed by a consortium.

Deadline for applications: 11/10/2016

Earnings and benefits

Rewards and benefits:

The selection committee will choose a maximum of five innovative projects that meet the eligibility criteria defined by ENGIE Axima and its partners.

The winners will be eligible for one or more of the following:

  • Commercial support and coaching from ENGIE Axima and integration of the selected innovation into a specific project in the Rennes area or as part of another operation by ENGIE Axima (or another entity of the ENGIE Group)
  • Support from Rennes Métropole (Rennes Lab, French Tech, etc.) in developing the project and assessment of potential testing grounds in the area
  • Rennes Atalante will support the winners of the call for projects with individualized assistance in the event that it involves creating a business or developing an innovative one, but also through through the Rennes St Malo Lab, the experimental platform that it leads. In the second case, the support may involve identifying the test area and engineering the conditions for testing, monitoring and evaluating it. This assistance will be provided on-site.

The winner of the best idea will receive a prize of €1,500.

Description of the call for projects

Detailed description:

Cities are being changed by new approaches to buildings – its constituent parts – and also by how they are used. The city is currently an area that involves public, commercial, and industrial activities but also a place where people live, work, learn, and create and take in culture and sports. Increasing an area’s attractiveness is a major challenge for the local economy as a whole.

The construction sector is going through an unprecedented revolution. Regulatory requirements and the growing demand for new services and uses is forcing the development of new tools and increasingly connected solutions. Also, bringing various stakeholders together is increasingly necessary to optimize economic development, manage public assets, and "living better together".

In this context, we want to work on developing tools/digital services that help address the following issues.

  • Tracking and predicting the work that needs to be done within a real estate portfolio in order to optimize operating costs (energy, building status, operations, etc.)
  • Embracing new uses and facilitating communication between occupants and the operator.
  • Enabling real-time centralized management, based on a multi-criteria decision matrix. Decision-making support tool,
  • Integrating uses in optimizing operations,
  • Developing of a tool for increasing civic awareness and "eco-reflexes"
  • Developing a platform for sharing information among industries, residents and people passing through an area,

Together, these tools will help improve the management of property assets and will bring local area stakeholders closer together in an economic and civic sense.

The applicant should present his/her solution/service that includes a technological, technical or service innovation related to one or more of the following themes:

  • Digital solutions to optimize the way buildings are used,
  • Digital solutions to promote awareness and environmentally-friendly behavior,
  • Software solutions to help make decisions based on multiple criteria,
  • A platform for sharing best practices, circular economy, shared services, marketplaces, etc. for multiple industries in an industrial zone

All of these solutions and services will need to meet demonstrated needs in building construction or renovation and can be applied at the scale of a single site, a neighborhood or a public or private real estate asset.


The winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the topic
  • Innovative features of the project,
  • Economic and financial feasibility of the project,
  • Existence of a market,
  • Desire to create or develop of a business
  • Job creation and potential to do so
  • Time to market

The selection committee:

Representatives of ENGIE and ENGIE Axima from Rennes, Rennes Atalante, French Tech Rennes St Malo, the University of Rennes 1 and a bank.

Selection Procedure:

Applications must include a description of:

  • Your team
  • Clients and markets
  • References
  • Development perspectives
  • Financial projections

This information can be provided in English or French in a Word document, PowerPoint or PDF and attached to your application.

Provisional timetable:

  • Deadline for applications: October 11, 2016 at midnight
  • Establishment of a shortlist for a personal interview with the selection committee (closed-door session): October
  • Interviews with shortlisted candidates: November 2016
  • Presentation of the winners: end of November 2016.


Whatever the energy model of the future looks like, ENGIE Axima supports its customers and all related stakeholders in the energy and digital transition for buildings. ENGIE Axima provides support for buildings throughout their life cycles, from conception to operations, with highly efficient energy and environmental services and solutions. ENGIE Axima works with you in your area through one of its 150 locations.

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