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Reducing the effects of frost on wind power generation

By ENGIE Futures Energies



Call for project closed the 30|06|16

ENGIE is launching a call for projects to identify innovative solutions that prevent ice from forming on wind turbine blades and/or limit/reduce the impact of frost formation on energy production.

Suject of the call for project

Purpose of this call for proposals:

To identify solutions for reducing production losses caused by ice forming on the blades of wind turbines – and more broadly, to contribute to the energy transition. The solutions could take many forms: connected objects, digital technologies, innovative materials, etc.

Deadline for applications: 30 June 2016

Earnings and benefits

Rewards and benefits:

- Get help from ENGIE Futures Energies and/or the call for project’s partners in developing business partnerships and operational projects;

- Make use of a full-scale site to test and demonstrate your projects in France, where the ENGIE Group and partners in the call for projects do business;

- Get positive exposure in national and international media if you and the ENGIE Group develop a project together;

- Potentially, have your solution become part of our technology, with a contractual framework that will be defined based on the nature of the project and the solution.

Description of the call for projects

Who is this call for projects for?

Startups, young innovative companies and SMEs.

Detailed description:

ENGIE is launching a call for projects to identify innovative solutions that either:

• prevent ice from forming on wind turbine blades
• limit/reduce the impact of frost formation on energy production.

These solutions should be able to installed on existing sites that are already operating.

France’s energy transition law for green growth and multiannual energy planning (EPP) will kickstart the development of different sectors in the field of renewable energy, including wind power. To support such growth, and given the increasing scarcity of areas that are open to wind farm development, we need to create ambitious plans to reduce the impact of ice formation on turbine blades.

The improvements expected from integrating a solution for eliminating/reducing of the effects of frost should make it possible to:
- Reduce/eliminate production losses caused by frost on the wind turbines already in service
- Encourage the installation of wind parks on sites that have up until now been excluded from prospective studies,
- Improve the overall economic viability of new projects,
- Facilitate the development of wind energy in general.

The solutions being sought should be innovative in the broad sense and may include one or more of the following innovative aspects: connected objects, digital technologies, innovative materials, etc.

If they are primarily technological in nature, they should be mature enough to be easily tested.

Eligibility criteria:

• Relevance to the topic
• Originality / innovative nature of the project
• Strength of the proposed business model
• Level of maturity and experience
• Feasibility and economic viability/Quality-price ratio and interest for customers
• Potential for development and replicability
• Other

Selection Procedure:

The selection process will take place in two stages:

• Phase 1: a shortlist will be established based on the applications submitted
• Phase 2: each shortlisted project leader will be invited to give a 15 minute presentation for the selection committee in July 2016.
After these presentations, the selection committee will choose the winning project by July 30, 2016 at the latest.

Provisional schedule

• June 30, 2016 at midnight: deadline for submitting applications.
• July 1-15 2016: evaluation of submitted projects and shortlisting.
• July 18-30 2016: pitch from shortlisted startups for the Selection Committee, final decision and announcement of the winners.

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