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Call for project closed

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Smart buildings

Smart building Challenge


Call for project closed the 31|03|17

ENGIE is looking for innovative projects to better manage the information generated by smart buildings in order to improve their energy efficiency and the comfort of their occupants.

Suject of the call for project

Beyond its role as physical envelope, the buildings themselves are being transformed into producers of information and even energy producers. ENGIE is looking for innovative projects to better manage the information generated by such buildings and how to use it to improve their energy efficiency and the comfort of their occupants.

ENGIE is a major player in energy infrastructure, energy efficiency and facility management. Technologies used in these fields are changing very quickly: the Internet of Things, energy-positive buildings, artificial intelligence for simulating how people use energy, big data as a way of offering services to a building’s occupants, etc.

Buildings are also being turned into “virtual” environments, like many other physical spaces. Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides a digital view of every aspect of a building, which makes technical management easier.

ENGIE is looking for solutions to develop user-centric offerings and applications to:
  • Reduce or even cancel out a building's environmental footprint,
  • Improve ease of use (mixed residential-professional, apartment buildings and concierge services for occupants, and incorporating extensive plantings and/or local food production),
  • Ensuring a permanent connection with service providers via data, sensors, and integrated algorithms
  • Integrate local energy communities.

Earnings and benefits

Deadline for applications: 31/03/2017

Why participate?

  • Thousands of executives, investors, academics and thought leaders from around the world will meet at Viva Technlology: it will be a unique opportunity to highlight your innovations and give them greater visibility.
  • Promote your company among the ENGIE executives who will be involved in selecting the startups who participate
  • Participation is free. The ENGIE Group will provide winning projects with exhibit space at its ENERGY Lab at Viva Technology as well as internet access and electricity.

Rewards and benefits if your project is selected:
  • A booth in ENGIE’s space at Viva Technology on June 15-17 2017 (45,000 visitors in 2016)
  • The opportunity to pitch your project for experts from ENGIE’s operational subsidiaries and/or ENGIE executives
  • The possibility of collaborating on operational projects if a business unit accepts your proposal
  • The possibility of being contacted by the ENGIE New Ventures investment fund

Description of the call for projects

Eligibility and Selection criteria:

  • Innovative nature of the proposed solution
  • Feasibility
  • Time to market
  • Environmental bonus
  • Ability to present your project as a model/ realization during Viva Technology

Provisional timetable:

  • March 31st, 2017: Deadline for submitting applications
  • May, 15th, 2017: Announcement of nominees
  • June 15-17, 2017: Marketplace and meeting with ENGIE experts during Viva Technology

More about Viva Technology

Viva Technology is a hub for the world's innovators, tech-lovers and pioneers of the future. VivaTech wants to be the place where big companies and startups work together on innovations that can transform businesses. In 2016, the first edition saw 45,000 attendees from around the world, 5,000 startups and 600 speakers.
ENGIE will host a 400 square meter Energy Lab where around 30 startups will be invited to present their projects and pitch their solutions.

ENGIE puts responsible growth at the heart of its businesses (electricity, natural gas, energy services) to address the major challenges of energy transition to a low carbon economy. The Group supports these changes by putting innovation at the heart of its strategy.

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