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Solutions to detect a potential risk of dehydration or heat stroke

By ENGIE Cofely Besix


  • Wercup

Call for project closed the 19|02|17

Cofely Besix is looking for thermally responsive solutions to detect a potential risk of dehydration or heat stroke among its field workers in Qatar and UAE who are exposed to extreme temperatures


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Suject of the call for project

Purpose of the call for projects:

Heat is a major risk for field workers in Middle East. ENGIE Middle East is seeking solutions that could help site supervisors to detect whether technicians working outside risk dehydration or heat stroke.

Technicians have to endure 45deg+ Celcius outdoor working conditions, even higher at times when they are on rooftops or exposed to the sun in locations in the Middle East, and supervisors need a simple format to indicate or highlight when a worker is at risk of dehydration or heat stroke.

The solution may be visual, incorporated into work wear or involve any other kind of solution for indicating potential risk, but it must be simple and should not require any specific / special maintenance.

Deadline for applications: February 19th, 2017

Earnings and benefits

Rewards and benefits

Selected projects will have the opportunity to:

  • Pitch their projects or solution to ENGIE executives and potential clients
  • Receive professional coaching to develop and market their innovations
  • Jointky develop a new offer
  • Gain exposure to the wider global ENGIE Group
  • Market exposure to launch product

Description of the call for projects

Detailed description:

ENGIE Middle East is seeking solutions allowing supervisors of the site to detect whether a technician working outside is at risk of dehydration or heat stroke.

Technicians at peak season summer temperatures in the Middle East region are limited to 10 or 15 minutes outdoor working. Site managers have to rely on the actual individual taking the initiative to control their exposure and to go indoors to rehydrate, cool off. Like in any industry where workers are exposed to extreme temperatures , we are seeking a solution that is simple, durable and maintenance free. Ideally incorporated into workwear, that can be washed, and reused like a normal workwear. (Sketch below can be used as an example of a possible solution, but candidates should not limit themselves only to solutions that can be worn)

The objective of deploying this solution is tto ensure that the operative and their surrounding team are aware of their exposure and risks and do that they can visually verify the status of their colleagues and thus improve working conditions and eliminate the risk of incidents

Evaluation and Eligibility criteria

The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the topic
  • Innovative character of the solution
  • Maturity of the project / time to market
  • Feasibility and deployment of the project in the short term
  • Proposed solutions have to be simple, durable and maintenance free. Ideally incorporated into workwear, they shoud be able to be washed and reused like normal workwear and shouldn’t require any direct interaction with the employee (pressing buttons, switching on, resetting etc…)
  • The proposed solution shouldn’t disturb workers on the job ( distractions from connected objects, etc)
  • Solutions have to be deployable in the Middle East region

Selection procedure

Selection will take place in 2 phases:

  • Initial selection to compile a shortlist of companies who will pitch their solution
  • Presentations by shortlisted companies in a pitch session in front of ENGIE selection comittee (live or VC)
  • Finalists will be tested in real conditions to select the winner . During the live testing, sample groups will be set up in different environments as test batches.

Provisional Timetable
  • February 19, 2017: Deadline for submission of applications
  • March 2017: Selection of finalists &: Announcement of finalists to be invited to the Pitch session (Skype conference possible)
  • May 1st, to September 1st, 2017: Testing in real conditions with high temperatures
  • September 15, 2017: Selection of winner(s) who will be given an opportunity to pitch during one of ENGIE’s stakeholder engagement events in the Middle East.

Selection Committee

ENGIE Headquarters and ENGIE Middle East executives and CBFM executives

What are the goals of this call for projects for ENGIE?

A major utility and service provider for over 150 years, ENGIE Group believes the world of energy is undergoing a profound and lasting transformation. The Group has set itself the goal of becoming Europe’s leader in energy transition, in particular by focusing on innovation. This drive is at the core of the Group’s efforts to transform good ideas into operational services for the benefit of its customers. To achieve this goal, ENGIE has launched an ambitious programme on innovation to boost entrepreneurial creativity.

As part of this initiative, ENGIE has created a “New Ventures” fund of 130 million € , aimed at accelerating the development of new business linked with energy transition by capturing external innovation. The fund is focused on start-ups with a differentiating technology or an innovative business model that are looking for an industrial partner.

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