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Smart buildings

Startups, benefit from one week of business acceleration in Paris with Le Village by CA & ENGIE

By ENGIE & Le Village by CA

Call for project closed the 25|04|18

Le Village by CA Paris, in partnership with ENGIE, is offering 15 European startups the opportunity to join its accelerator for a week and to make use of all of the tools available in it to roll out their solution in France.

Suject of the call for project

Le Village by CA Paris, in partnership with ENGIE, is offering 15 European startups the opportunity to join its accelerator for a week and to make use of all of the tools available in it to roll out their solution in France.

The startups being sought as part of this call for projects should work in the following domains: 

  • Energy efficiency 
  • Renewable energy 
  • Smart mobility and the smart city 

ENGIE and Le Village by CA Paris are seeking mature startups whose solutions have been finalized and which are in their commercial development phase. For foreign startups, an interest in breaking into the French market is required.

Earnings and benefits

Deadline for submissionApril 25th, 2018

Contents and benefits associated with the program

Winning startups will receive a week of business acceleration in Paris to learn about the French market, understand the administrative processes involved in setting up a business and associated financial and other support, and to meet French startups, corporations and investors.   

  • Targeted business meetings will be set up with corporate and public stakeholders involved in innovation and the startup ecosystem
  • Shared spaces will be made available (meeting rooms, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Visibility on the website, newsletter and social media of Le Village by CA Paris
  • Administrative support for foreign startups (via the FrenchTech Visa in particular) 

Cost: €1500 before tax (instead of €2500 before tax) per week for up to two people (place in a coworking space and personal support included)

Example of a typical week in acceleration: 

  • Day 1: Meetings with sector-level experts in administrative setup (law firms, accountants, etc.)
  • Day 2: Meetings with institutional stakeholders (Business France, Ile de France Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
  • Day 3: Meetings with Le Village by CA Paris major corporate partners 
  • Day 4: Learning about the startup ecosystem (incubators, accelerators, clusters, etc.) 
  • Day 5 : Meetings with startups and investment funds 

Description of the call for projects

Solutions being sought :

The themes for this call fot innovations are:

Energy Efficiency

One of the 5 pillars of the 3rd industrial revolution according to Jeremy Rifkin, energy efficiency can be defined as the capacity to minimize energy consumption while providing the same service. It is therefore closely linked to the fields of smart buildings, the smart city and smart transportation.

In addition to the energy savings that can be achieved for individuals, companies and local authorities, energy efficiency also focuses on reducing the ecological and social costs linked to the production and transportation of energy.

ENGIE is seeking innovative solutions and business models for energy efficiency, particularly those aimed at the BtoC market, as for instance: 

  • Energy efficiency solutions for individuals
  • Energy efficiency solutions for transportation
  • Energy efficiency solutions for cities

Renewable Energy

Wind, solar, biomass… The future of energy is in renewables. At the same time, consumers are increasingly becoming producers, which they can use or reinject into local or national networks. 

As a major producer of renewable energy, ENGIE is seeking solutions and business models related to the production, management and distribution of these forms of energy.
The solutions being sought can either be independent or “bricks” that can be integrated into existing projects. They can be aimed at individuals (BtoC), companies (BtoB), or local authorities (BtoT). The three main areas of interest are: 

  • Digital technologies for renewable energy 
  • Energy storage 
  • Managing and distributing renewable energy and grids

Sustainable transport and the smart city

A greener, smarter, safer city is everybody’s wish and the focus of many city planners, mayors, utilities, emergency and safety services. To maintain its global reach, ENGIE has created a worldwide business line for Decentralized Solutions for Cities and Regions to accelerate the development of integrated infrastructure, efficient services and smart digital solutions. ENGIE is looking for any innovative solutions that meet these challenges. 

 Mobility , a major challenge for smart city's development

With regards to ground-based transportation, we are still currently living in the era of the individual vehicle and the combustion engine. With access to city centers by polluting vehicles increasingly restricted, and issues of air pollution more generally being brought to light, we are increasingly being required to use less polluting modes of transportation.

Vehicles themselves are being transformed through technological advances: hybrid motors, organic natural gas, hydrogen… Electric battery prices are going down while their technological performance is increasing. Finally, the Internet of Things and digital technologies are creating space for new use cases: carsharing, shared vehicles, renting out personal vehicles on a temporary basis… By analyzing the data collected through these technologies will enable cities to better manage transportation flows to avoid congestion in vehicle traffic and public transit.
ENGIE is seeking innovative solutions and business models linked to sustainable transportation and the smart city for BtoC, BtoB and BtoT markets. The four main areas of interest in this category are: 

  • New modes of transportation 
  • Smart parking
  • New fuels, hydrogen 
  • Improving energy efficiency for vehicles 
  • eHealth 
  • Optimization of public lighting 
  • Security

Eligibility & selection criteria

  • European startup 
  • Maturity of the startup/solution 
  • In the commercial development phase 
  • For foreign startups, an interest in breaking into the French market

Provisionnal Timetable

  • Launch of the call for projects: 28/02/2018
  • Deadline for submitting applications: 25/04/2018
  • Examination and selection of shortlisted applications: week of 01/05/2018
  • Presentation of shortlisted projects for the selection committee (made up of members of the corporate partners of Le Village by CA Paris): week of 14/05/2018
  • Presentation of the winners at the ENGIE Lab at Vivatech: 25/05/5018

Partners in this call for innovations

Le Village by CA: Founded by Crédit Agricole in 2014, Le Village by CA is a value-creating ecosystem and a startup incubator that supports high-potential projects. The first Village was created in Paris in 2014 and the network now has 20 Villages throughout France (Lille, Bordeaux, Orleans, Caen, St Brieuc, Nantes, Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse). The Villages by CA network will include 27 villages by 2018. The Village has sites in major cities around the world (London, New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore ...) to help startups develop internationally. With state-of-the-art environments and locations in the heart of their respective regions, the startups in each Village by CA develop within a strong innovation ecosystem covering a multitude of private and public partners.

ENGIE: As a major industrial player and supplier of utilities for more than 150 years, ENGIE is convinced that the energy world is undergoing a profound and lasting transformation. As such, the Group has set itself the goal of being the leader of the energy transition in Europe and is relying on innovation in particular to do so. This approach runs through all of the Group’s activities and turns good ideas into operational solutions to serve its customers.

The Group has also changed how it is organized in order to foster entrepreneurial creativity and new tools and processes have been rolled out to ensure that innovation contributes to its development over the long term. Calls for projects are regularly launched for startups, who have already submitted almost 2,000 applications.

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